The Hearse Ride...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

She's so HOT!!

I try to imagine how it was back in 1933 ............ to be a Movie Star, riding in a Pierce~Arrow Limosine, loaded with extravagant Gifts from the Studio and your many admirers.

And Joan Crawford looking at you at an intersection..?.?.?

Ooooh the Satanic feelings............

There's always a place for you here, ...we encourage prideful customers to show their satisfaction in a Giving Way ...

For these poor unfortunate imbeciles..... (most of them living on inheritances), how the Real World works!!

Sadness . . .

Life's a BITCH !!
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Hot Mystery . . .

Cameron is so H O T !!!

Bet my niece would like to meet him . . .

God works in mysterious ways.
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Trying to pay the Bills

Barry Manilow is just trying to pay the bills, with all these new albums. You have to fulfill you're contracts in some fashion.

Most people work for a living not {sucking off SSI for some imagined disability}, that the States would rather give away CASH..(Welfare), than deal with the FAKERS is the VOTERS fault,...not the elected official. ...because you have to deal with the fickle voters...

Many should "LOOK IN THE MIRROR" before passing judgment !!
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For The Bible Tells Me So...........

I know this might sound (off the rack) when that irrational part of my mind shuts down...(usually after a few drinks and pills), ...I see life like most people do. With some sort of HOPE and feeling.

Actually, I have (out of control feelings) that sometimes get me into trouble, if you have ever been introduced to the PC, know what I mean.

Satan has his best architects building the Bridge to Eternity ...Why shouldn't we fight back?!?

Hence forth... this post that started with humming the Hymn "Jesus Loves Me" ...and hopefully ends with lost ones saying the same.

Jesus Loves you This I know . . . . .

I feel a warmth when he is around, and he was here last night, when Brian died.

I believe the ACHING PAIN that has wracked my shoulders since last night, is Brian's way of communication.

God loves everyone, no matter sex, race, occupation, or even sexual orientation !!!

Jesus LOVES Everybody,... this I KNOW ........

Because the Bible (sorry fundies).. TELLS ME SO!!!!

(Unlike U Fundies...who have done every crime known to man in the name of Jesus).
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Anti-Wally World

For Gramdmere Mimi!!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joe Black

There seems to be accidental death happening in my area much too often. Just last night my friend called me to tell me that a mutual friend was killed in a (bicycle/car) accident just 3 blocks away at 7:45pm, he was riding the bike.

His name was Brian and he was just 20.

I hit the county newspaper site and see more death from accidents all over the county, Brian's was the 83rd this year, and the 9th this month(Nov. 08).

My friend Jeffrey was killed last year in an auto accident and he was only 20.

Maybe I should keep clear of meeting people, because it seems the young ones are falling like flies in a Raid commercial.

Makes me wonder, because both of these guys where intimate with me.

Am I Joe Black?

The question is not rhetorical.
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Potter Street Station

This is the Pere Marquette Railroad Depot in Saginaw MI., it was built in 1881 by the (architect) Bradford Lee Gilbert, and is located on Potter Street.

In 1986 the Depot was decommissioned and was slated to be raised in 1988. It was saved from destruction by the Saginaw Depot Preservation Corporation.
( )

In April 1991, the building was set ablaze by an arsonist, destroying the roof, the third floor, and portions of the second floor.

In 1995 a new roof was erected, and preservation still continues to this day.
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Isn't She Precious

Looks like my sister Katie, on a normal!!
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So Popular ....OMG!

I'm just sooooo popular on my blog, readership has gone through the ceiling, according to my site meters.
I feel as giddy as Nellie Oleson on her first date with Percival

And more importantly, is the fact that Jesus is getting to the Haterz in one way or the other!!
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Mom and I.

Yea, this was my pre-grad photo from Tri-Township (Rapid River) High, Rapid River Michigan, Circa (1982).

That is my tall ass with my shorty Mom,..she certainly was proud, and you can see it in her face.

Yea, I had a perm,..they were in style in the late 1970's to Early 1980's.
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And So It Goes ....

Originally I opened this blog because all my online (acquaintances) where opening blogs,...of which only mine survived 2 weeks.

I kept posting,'s my Diary,..or Diarrhea, depending on the reader.

I was raised as an Episcopalian, from my mother, who was raised the same way. I never appreciated the Anglican Religion, till all the Hoopla over Bishop Robinson's consecration started ...I really didn't see the problem.

In fact, I turned back to the Episcopal Church after Bishop Robinson was Consecrated, because I (thought) that the Church was Finally Getting with it ...Oh I'm so glad I was from Michigan...but at that time I lived in North Carolina,..and I hated it!! Those religious nuts from the South were spewing their HATE again I thought...and it was TRUE!!

After that, living in the South, I abandoned The Episcopal Church, while rooting for them, with my northern understanding of TEC.

I still don't trust Southern TEC parishes,..because the majority of them,..are FULL OF HATE,...always bringing up Conferderate BS,..The WAR has been over FOR OVER 100 YRS,..Get the FUCK OVER IT!!

But it seems the south is like the divorcee from HELL,...NEVER GETS OVER IT!!!

So FUCK the SOUTHERN Churches!!

I'll stay home and worship in my own way.
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Who Reads This?

No One!!!

So I'll just go off as usual on a rickety ride, across eastern New Jersey to the first Water Park ever made..(safe now).
Mountain Creek Water Park, located in Vernon, NJ. The First Water Park... Ever!!

Since the Season is closed you may ask...WTF??

But the season is open late here in Central Florida....ENJOY!!
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Jack {me-off} Iker

What's to say?!?
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Wounded Bird!!I

I see you have shut you're comments off,....HMMMmmmmm!!

Churchlady is scheming to shut you down any way, so I guess you made it easier for her, ...and Baby Blue...(Giggles)

You have NO IDEA what being hurt is all about, if what you perceived as hurtful, shut you down.

(I'll just be nice to the Old Lady).....after all I take care of one.


But now is NOT the time to retreat!!

No Matter what you're mind thinks,'re SOUL SCREAMS J U S T I C E !!

Much like you're Heart.
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Shimmering coat?

Who has a shimmering coat?

Does any one actually READ this blog?!?

Aslan says Hi!

Christ Loves You and so Do I!!

{Actually, I just wanted the Rainbow Flags/COLORS to fly,..the Story is True, but incidental (sad but true) as far as I'm concerned}!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*Sad Situation!!

I wonder why I waste my time with this religious shit?!?

I haven't been to Church in several years,...and frankly, by the way these Satanic southern churches are, I'm greatful.

Just early today I see where The (big in this area)First Baptist Church(Ocala) has a Satanic Pastor ready to tear apart the church,...oh The Press!!

But,.... He's done it before,(Hollywood FL) so one shouldn't be so quick to judge his purity.


I'm becoming like the Mad One!!
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God Hates Me and So Do You!

Just a reverse psychology headline.

Or is that a Nelly/Nancy Oleson Headline?!? nice.
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Growing Older

I have been lightly obsessed with certain things that have occurred in my life during the last 7 years, ever since Granny's first stroke. That is when life turned Topsy Turvy!!

It has since gone down hill,....lately, (11-08) at an accelerated rate (for the last 3 months). So, I have adjusted my sleep-style, which has always been Vampiric, #normal# for Granny, though lately, I can't keep up with her. I can't stay up enough days straight.. .. ..{without(street)assistance}, ..which is NOT my style,'s all I can usually do to sleep.

Now,... I'm so tired, and can't keep up with Granny's Crazy Mood swings,..she wants to call 911, when she can't sleep...(UM"HELL THE FUCKIN' O")!!! Life is on a Slim Wick,....and NOT a beeswax candle, but a lard burning Meltarama.

I Cannot Control Everything.....

Of course I cannot live by that.

It's all I can do to not go Wacko!!!
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I was on Ship of Fools, and I lost myself, Fully!!

Religion is becoming a HAVEN of mentally imbalanced persons!!

It seems that the job of the future, with GREAT income will be Psychoanalysts, or Psycho anything!!

Waaaay too many whack jobs out there, all because the states thought closing those Beautiful Estates in the Country, were better for these poor souls, who walk the streets now,....mumbling to themselves, homeless most of them,...deprived from their meds, because they cannot claim a perminant address.

I've always thought that, since the late 70's...WTF?????

And of course now, with 75% of those persons incarcerated, and more following them with the same and even more aggravated symptoms, ...One would think The Establishment would have learned something....B U T


What A ~D U M B~ FUCK!!!

Let me tell you, the patients my Grandmother cared for in the Lapeer State Home aka(Oakdale Center, Lapeer Mi), had much more sense than these imbeciles they keep pumping out onto the streets with no education, or life sense.
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ho... Hum...

Just another boring evening....not even video games seem to flip my switch tonight, and of course there is nothing on TV note worthy. I'm thinking a couple of cocktails would be nice, something light (on mixer) and heavy on the I'm just kidding.

I can't afford to have a good time, I can barely afford gas, insurance, repairs, tires, brakes, utilities, phone, satellite, DSL, oh and the worse of all Credit Card bills...which frankly I think I'm just going to default on.
After all, I don't really care if I have credit or not. My house is paid for. My car is paid for. My taxes are paid...fuck the credit card company!!
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sam Nunn

I remember Sam Nunn from an aircraft carrier, during the "Don't ask, Don't Tell" Clinton Era in 1993.

Puulease!! Another Old Bigot Scoundrel, playin' Politics!!

You can do MUCH BETTER Barrack!!
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*Cameron Carpenter*

Cameron Carpenter is such a Stud!! Not to mention a fantastic musician/organist. And Thanks Be To GOD that He's a sister too!!

He is what I wish, I had become ...(unfortunately life took over)

Christ guides Cameron, and he knows punk!)
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I have a few feral cats that I care for. They come and they go, usually they disappear after a couple of years, but I do have a couple of steadfast cats who have been around here for at least 13 years. One is Momma Kitty(her name), she's the third (able to care for her kittens) female that I have had, the first got hit by a car, the second I disposed of {took her for a long ride and dropped her off} after she killed two of her own siblings. The third is Old Man, he's the Patriarch of the family, and the worst treated, obviously...because he always has scabs and wounds on his body.

Well anyway, one of the cat's I have is named Possum, because she lost 2 inches of her tail and 3 inches of fur on her tail by unknown circumstances (probably a fight with a critter{Coon,Dog,person}), so I named her Possum because of the way her tail looks.

She's a sweety, and actually comes when called.(rare for a feral cat)

These are pics of her. I did a little paint shop on the one photo, because her eyes reflected

I used to have a Lynx mix with a natural short tail, but she killed a few local dogs and I had to move her elsewhere.
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It seems only people from California are on the blog rolls, or people are neglecting other facts across the nation.

Arkansas passed a draconian law making it illegal for GLBT persons to adopt children.

Florida fucked around with their ongoing HATE for GLBT persons.

And then there is California's Prop.8, and unless you are an imbecile or locked in a padded cell you know mostly about the California situation.

Mind you, these and many more ominous things are an ongoing situation for many GLBT persons in all 50 States, plus Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

......Well, now that that is off my mind.

Continue as you were....(giggles)

Update:(1:15pm EST)

Well it seems there are going to be protests all over the U.S., we'll see just how important it is to the GLBT community. Of course I can't go, since the nearest City is O-Town(Orlando) which is 65 miles south of my present location. And the time,...too early for my lazy ass on my day off.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun Time

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Monday, November 10, 2008


Boop Boop Be Doop!!

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Foolin' Around

This is me in Sarah Palin Diva pose, glasses and all.

My digital camera isn't the best, and I guess it doesn't help using florescent lighting without changing the settings, as you can see.

Here's Diva Palin with a smug look on her usual.

And of course my Norma Desmond pose, with poster effect.

It seems everytime I search the net for new pictures for my blog, I get lost reading and my imagination goes wild, and I end up wasting away 5 hours just reading and learning about the pictures I have seen.

Then end up never saving any So I just took some silly pictures of myself.
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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


A nice picture because what I'd like to put up will scare the folks who frequent this place.

Some how I'm not at all surprised by these State initiatives that passed. Fear still reigns number one with the aged populace...what did you expect?

Back to the drawing board!!
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These Old MuthaF**Kers!!

When these Old Muthafuckers die........if they ever do??? (BLAME HEALTH CARE)

The world may REBOUND, but as such, it's just a waste of time when most of these OLD FU**ers BLINDLY VOTE REPUBLICAN.

Being from OLD LAND(Florida), ... I expected this,..I didn't expect the California BS!




I'm not saying ALL older folks are a problem,..but the majority....YES!!

Especially these blind Catholic, Evangelical, & so-called Anglican MF's!!
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. . .

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My Shoulders Hurt,...

Satan moves in Family ways!!

Sometimes Demons inhabit family, and it's all a relative can do to survive the BULLSHIT!!

What the HELL did my Family do to make my life a FUCKING HELLHOLE???

Then there is California,...and SAD Ole Florida,...WE GAYS NEED TO UNITE!!!
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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

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Doesn't Look So Good

Amendment 2 (To outlaw gay marriage)

Precincts reporting: 2819 of 7005





So what else would you expect from the Anita Bryant Hate State?!?

I've seen enough, for my taste this evening...Time to boot up Sim City 4 DE, where everything is permissible, as long as I get paid.
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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Michigan Fall Colors

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