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Saturday, May 31, 2008

F S & H G

I've been silently crying since last evening, now Granny is up, I'm sure she's apprehensive about her foolish Vacuum cleaner (Kirby) Swindle, which she swore to me she'd never do again ...(this isn't the first time for her crazy spending).

I called Dad, he reacted not so good, ...but I'm NOT going to be held responsible for her CRAZY SPENDING!!! I have my own demons to deal with in that area.

And frankly, I'm AMAZED that I have lasted this long. Maybe I'm just a neurotic, like Blanche Hudson. . . (giggles).

Maybe I'm just human and have limits... (something I have no concept of)?
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Diary 1

I gotta get this shit out, because I fear, something really really BAD is gonna happen!!
I've felt it for the past 2 weeks, everything has been going great...(danger sign). Things don't go great for me very often, so it's a shock when I have repeated good luck!! And not being bedridden depressed is good luck!! LOL Okay, it's not that bad too often, maybe twice a month, at worst. 2 days at best. I cope. Barely.

I'm sorry I didn't kill myself those other attempted times!! Living through such things one would think a person would want to live that much Not I!!

Now it'll have to be a drastic thing, since I don't have a garage here, my preferred method of transmutation is unattainable. So,...I could rig up a system for my Caprice to do better than a garage,....or I could drive into the ocean at a high rate of speed...LMAO!!

Piers work better, but few and far between here in the Baker Act state!!

Y I K E S ! ! I'm lettin' it out, who gives a FUCKIN SHIT!! Better here than HOME!!
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How Much More?

I really don't know how much more I can take of my living situation. For 15 years I've been taking care of Granny, 2 years off for my sisters attempt to deal with her. Now my father has moved into my immediate neighborhood, from NY state. His is a sad tale, of his own making. I'm assuming I'm to be his family crutch, for whatever he may have in mind, afterall I'm the family patsie. The most emotionally drained person in the family is now the family caregiver ?!?!?
If things continue as they are, I may be the family mortician, in more ways than one.
Of course then the State will have to care for me, or not ....Florida has the Death Penalty.

It's more likely I'll crack up and well,.... I'll leave that to you're imaginations.
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Friday, May 30, 2008


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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

H e L L o ? ? ?

Why do I never receive any comments?

I think I'll just make this blog private.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mares Eat Oats and I Play Notes, and Little Lambs ...

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Sunday, May 25, 2008


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Friday, May 23, 2008

Libra ?

My horror scope, Insistent!!

So much for diplomacy !!
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Waiting For The King!!

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ooO..Oops a SpArK!!

Watch it,..Fires here in Florida & California,..and also in our Sister Coastal communities!!
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I'm gettin' Bitchy!!


Why does Phil, hate me?

Why was I created, if I'm an ABOMINATION to God?

Why Am I Not Dead?

These ARE REAL things Gay People ask day to day!!

My Faith in The True GOD keeps me going, even though sometimes I stray and go elsewhere.

God is in my heart everyday, I make decisions with HIS rules in mind, yet... I don't see a DIVORCE COURT ACTIVE IN ANY CHURCH?

Ya'll will have to answer Christ, when asking that question.

Wake Up!!

Thanks Be To GOD!!
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Happy Nuptials

Happy Nuptials George!!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sad Sick Detroit

I've loved, but hated Michigan, all the Automotive BS, and the destruction of Detroit, which I still can't get over!!

I still have a Detroit addiction, having lived there for a few years, during it's destruction.

Having restored and sold a Brush Street Mansion,(selling it broke my heart), but I could not afford the Detriot burocracy.

Yet, my heart is still in Michigan, even though I live 1200 miles away from that State.

I crave it's history,(an obsession as I get older), ...

Detroit has been (literally) RAPED of it's identity ... Because of Hot Winded Politicians over the years.

And decimated, by an inaffective Government, who just looks the other way ....much like the Schizmatics.

State Park is decimated,...though much safer.

Detroit is basically Farm Land, from which it grew, and died.
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

G O D ! ! ! ! !

I could have devoted my blog to God Almighty, as if he has the freakin' I will however devote it to the Christ Like People I've met, (personally, or through the net) who are classified as being... "Left Behind" ... by the "satanic scripture" certain so-called Christians, slight God as saying!!

GOD Doesn't Work That Way!!

Neither do I!!

But, if you cheat me, abuse my Faith, abuse God's Creation, or abuse GOD'S plan for yourself , I will become VERY DISAGREEABLE ! ! !

Christ, Be With You, . . . in the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit! ! !

One GOD, The Father Almighty!!!!
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New Background Search

I've been looking for just the right picture to use as a background for this blog. It's been a challenge, lol. Because of previous posts being of different colors, it's a job to find just the right photo with just the right tint and colors, but I'm sure I'll find one....hopefully soon.
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Oldsmobile Is Missed!!

I miss Oldsmobile's , they were my favorite division of General Motors.
Since their demise, I've sworn off GM.

And as a Michigander, that is a large slight to INEPTGM.

In fact Because of GM's fucked up idea of conservation, I've about sworn em' off!!

Ultra High HorsePower.....low MPG.

And the their fuckinazation of removing the Oldsmobile electric car, and destroying them?!?
Only to build 8 MPG SUV's????????????????????????????????????????

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Ready to Bitch'm Out!!

I got carded twice yesterday,'m 44.

I just smiled during the inquisition

The last guy that carded me, I acted retarded, after all, you would of had to be on life support to have ignored his inappropriateness.

But he popped me up, BIG TIME!!!

So ... I teased him to the HILT!!

Bet I'll be assaulted in a few days. . . (smiles)
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I'm Slippen . . .

I'm trying, to be supportive, ...but we are getting tired of the same Ole Bullshit!!

Sorry God, but my tenure is up!!

Money and security are just false when others are suffering.

S T F U Time!
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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pimp Mobile?

One of my Painted Ladies I cound't afford to have all the pimp mobile extras on my rusty but trusty 1976 Nova sedan, so I just painted it to look like it was customized.
It's the artist in me. Subsequently that 76 nova was painted 3 times when I had it. First it was factory light blue metallic, that had long since lost it's adhesion. Second it was Michigan State Police Blue, with silver flames. Third it was painted Sable Black, with fake landau roof and landau irons. Forth it was still black but fake top was painted red, and fake red trunk straps were painted on. I can't find photos of the other versions just my second version of white trash pimpdom....LOL!!
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Sunday, May 04, 2008

S T R O N G SpirITS!!

And we are not talking about alcohol.

Florida is full of them, ....and with the prevalence of Meth . ...and so many early deaths!!

Well it just adds up.

It ADDS UP in many small towns lately.

Spread OUT A L L o v e r the USA, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Brazil, ....Etc. . .
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Some people are Expendable!!

Christ was expendable.

I consider myself ...expendable . . . though I know, I have so much to GIVE.

And so MUCH to LOVE!!
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