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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fuckin' uploads!!!

I keep trying to upload photo's and everytime there's an error,...must be this site!! I was surfing eBlogger tonight/morning...and 5 out of 6 posts weren't in english,..buncha fukin' BS!!...They should have at least an english language search option. Like I can decipher chinese, or arabic???
Not much sense in surfing if you can't comprehend it.
I'm about over this surfing BS...still every 3 blogs are in some foreighn language,..FUCK IT!! As I sit here listening to Dead or Alive....trying to pick the right songs for a couple of mix cd's I plan to make for a good friend in Michigan. Now if I could just master this mp3 program I have, I could mix like I can on analog Another day wasted on learning new things that will probably be obsolete when I actually learn them.
I'm about over the verocious fleas here in Florida, I have the house sprayed every other month, I buy the best topical stuff for my cat,...and still they never seem to go away. They are rediculous down little vampires, cept they aren't repelled by crosses or garlic, my carpet should be made of pure deet.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stereo Madness...

The receiver and sub-woofer I bought on eBay finally arrived, actually the sub arrived last week, and boy can that thing pump out some bass. It's a Polk 10" powered sub, and you can feel the bass. The recever is an older one, much better than the newer digital ones I have, the sound is so clean, and the bass is more potent, even with the small speakers that came with it. I hooked it up to my keyboard, and I'm much more satisfied with the sound than the digital Technics had. It's a Hitachi SR-604, when I bought it I wasn't sure about the watts per channel, but I see it has 195 total watts, and they are clean watts. The Technics I had to turn up almost 1/3 of the dial to get the sound I get from the Hitachi at just #3 on it's dial, and the Technics is 100 watts per channel. I can also pick up weak FM stations with it I couldn't even find on the Technics. I'm quite satisfied for all I paid was $61.00 total, shipping included.
I left some negative feedback for a seller who never sent an item I had paid for, and he wanted the negative feedback removed.....HA!! We ended up in mediation, so I'm getting a refund...and the negative feedback will be removed, and just maybe I may also still get the item, which he said he'd already shipped, though I doubt it, afterall it was last month, and this month is nearly over with.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hurricane Central

So here we have Rita churning it's way into the Gulf of Mexico, ........what's next?
It's been raining on and off today as we receive Rita's outer bands here in Central Florida, I was patiently waiting for my DVD changer to arrive but it looks like it won't be coming much for 2 day delivery (waste of money). I might as well have used the free shipping option. I moved my single DVD player into the bedroom in preperation for the new changer, and I received the Logan's Run DVD I ordered sooooooo......
I guess I could watch it in the bedroom, but I'd rather watch it in the living room on the 50" tv, than watch it on a 19" tv, since the surround sound is in the living room, only stereo in the bedroom. I also received a CD I bought off of ebay, but it was not the CD I ordered, and I was pissed!!! It was Celine Dion, but it wasn't the 5 track dance mix that I thought I had bought, so I sent another email to the seller...(I'm getting rather angry with these cocksuckin' fuckers who describe one thing and send something completely different)...Then they say they are going to rectify the situation, and I never receive anything else. Well I still have the option of leaving negative feedback, and a nasty explaination, hopefully other buyers will Get The Message!!!
My vintage Hitachi receiver is on it's way, and hopefully so is the Polk 10" subwoofer I ordered....then I'm through with ebay, at least the buying part, I still have yet to receive a few orders....or it's money back time.
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Friday, September 16, 2005

My Dream House

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The perils of ebay...

I really need to just get rid of my ebay account, it's soooo addictive to my personality. I started out just buying cd's to replace all the 12" ep's that were stolen from me years ago. I was suprised to find quite a bit of music that at one time had been dj only ep's, though they were now listed as dj only cd' At this point I think I've about replaced all of the Donna Summer (and then some) that I had in vinyl form. Then it was on to ep's that I some how missed that were on cd already, such as Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On , which I was able to find all the dance mixes on 1 import cd, that was still in it's original wrapper. That should have been enough for me.......but NOOOOOOOOOO!!
From there I went on to Electronics just browsing of course, till I found a Boombox I used to have and low and behold I of course had to bid on it. Well I really thought I was going to win it, up until the last minute when out of nowhere I was out bid, not leaving me enough time to rebid.....I was pissed!!
So then I decided to just bid all over the place, a little here, a little there. Not expecting to win anything and I didn't, got close a few times, but common sense took over when I realised that there was no point in paying $$$.$$ for something that was 30 yrs old and had never been serviced.
So I decided to spend some money on something I actually needed, a new cd changer. But as I shopped around on I saw dvd changers and thought to myself (dvd players play cd's), so I decided to just get both in one shot. So I found a very high rated (consumer reports) dvd changer from Panasonic and it was on sale also.....I couldn't have bought a cd changer & a dvd changer for such an outragously low price, so I went for it.
Then this afternoon I decided to check one of my email accounts and there was a notice that I had won an auction. The bid hadn't been all that much, but I was rather shocked, because the item an early 80's era Hitachi receiver & speakers was a long shot. Afterall this receiver was a high power one that actually worked, everything worked on it. The speakers weren't all that great but I was hoping for just the receiver anyway.

So now it's time to delete my ebay account before I go into bankruptcy...LOL!!
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another Day....Another Funeral

Not much going on lately, at least I'm not overly depressed. I found a huge boombox on ebay, the same model I used to have, so of course I bid on it. Everything works on it, wouldn't have mattered if the cassette deck didn't work, as I'm quite sure I'd be able to fix it, afterall I can fix just about any electronic device. At this point it looks as if I'll be the winner, but one can never tell on ebay. I notice during the last few hours of an auction people show up out of nowhere, and bid above your limit...assholes. Though if I want something bad enough, I'll let it go till it's in the final minutes, then out bid the interlopers...LOL!!
I really wish it would start getting cooler down here, I have a shitload of yard work to do, and I'm not about to get heat stroke doing it. That's why I like hurricane season because it gets cooler and windier, making it almost nice to be outside. This year there was about 3 days of spring nice 70 degree temps, then it went into the 90's, and hasn't let up since. Last year there was no fall, it went from the 90's to the 60's in one fell swoop. Hopefully this year there will be at least 2 weeks of 70's to enjoy, before I have to go from A/C to heat. Sometimes I wish I still lived up in Michigan, but then winter hits, and I'm soooo glad to be in Florida. I just can't deal with cold temps, I remember a few years ago going to the cabin in Michigan, and it was June, and I was freezing. I had to light the woodstove because I had major chills. Brrrrr!! I had brought 1 pair of jeans with me, the rest shorts, because at that time it was in the mid to upper 90's down here. I'll remember next time I go up there before August to bring warmer clothing with me.
Time for a nap, since the phone woke me up after only 4 hours of sleep, and as usual the caller didn't leave a message. I made sure to turn the ringer waaaaay down, can't be too important if they are unwilling to leave a message. All my friends know I'm a call screener, since it's usually some idiot calling to sell something always at the most inopportune time, even after going on the Do Not Call list, assholes still call.
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Saturday, September 10, 2005


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Dream Cars...

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New Storm

Seems there's a new storm looming out on the lower east coast, just what we need another hurricane. Just when you think it's all over here comes another storm. Didn't do much today, drank some more coffee since I gave up drinking, I need Surfed the net most of the day (what's new).

I did receive two cd's I ordered from ebay, J-Lo's 12" Collection. I can't imagine why I ordered them since I'm not really a J-Lo fan (too much booze), Oh well, more music for my huge dance mix collection. Still waiting for my order from Australia, I sent the seller a none to nice email. Like it takes almost 30 days for 1 package. I'll demand a refund, or leave some blistering negative feedback!!

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Monday, September 05, 2005

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Labor Day....Duuh!!

I went to check the mail today,.....and nothing was there. Well duh, it's Labor As usual when I'm expecting something important in the mail it's a freakin' holiday. I started cleaning out my former office, what a fuckin' mess. Generated 2 garbage bags full of junk mostly papers and empty cig packs. Then I vacuumed half of it, tons of dust. I'll probably not be able to breath tomarrow from all the dust. I really must train myself to clean more often. I'll get some primer to paint that room, the walls are yellow from cig smoke. I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't removed the pictures from the walls and you can see the original color where the pictures hung. Just as well, it's time for a freshening up of that room any way.

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Flyin' High

Today I decided to drink some caffeinated coffee, I'm flyin' I also made New England Boiled Dinner, minus the vegetables. So basically it's just corned beef. I'm saving the broth to make soup later this month, so I decided to keep the vegetables till then. Besides I really don't need all that food afterall I live alone. I'll probably end up giving half the soup away to friends since I don't seem to know how to make just a little bit of anything, been a cook too long.
Sarah is climbing all over me, seems she sees my fingers moving on the keyboard and assumes it's time for a petting, at least she's not like some cat's I've seen trying to lie upon the keyboard. It's all I can do to keep her off my organ or piano. She thinks their her If I had a grand piano she'd probably be inside of it.
Tomarrow I'm going on the job trek again, hopefully I'll find a decent paying one this time, with all the new businesses opening up in this area. I really can't afford to bounce any more checks.
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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bored Again

Another boring night with little to do but surf the Tryed out Action Replay Max tonight, makes gamimg more fun, since I've about played out my games. Time to go buy some used ones. According the ARM instructions, I can play any game on my PS2 in disc form, I'll have to borrow a friends games and see, wouldn't want to waste $$ buying one then finding out it doesn't work.
Played the organ for 3 hours tonight, tryed out the organ flutes I downloaded from a friend. They sound awesome. Wish I hade a great room with 40ft. ceilings so I could have a real pipe organ instead of a digital one. Oh well sounds just as good, considering. I'm burned out on the Katrina news, I can only watch it for so long before I get pissed at our so-called Govt. G.W. is such a fuckhole!!
I should have hit the liquor store today, but I didn't, so it's the same old beer. Takes forever to get a buzz from beer, and I end up pissing 3/4 of the Maybe I'll hit a chatroom, probably not.
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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wasting Time As Usual

So where is Massa Bush? Wasting time as usual, while the people in New Orleans starve & dehydrate to death. And all he keeps doing is having press confrences obviously full of empty words. He's such an idiot!!
If anyone needs to be impeached, it's him. All he seems to care about is himself, and his precious vacations. Seems that's all he's been doing is taking a 5 year vacation, in between wasting money in Iraq.
If your income is below $10,000.00 a year you aren't worth helping. This creature just bursts my bubble!!
I really hope the voters remember how their Republican administration treated the people caught in the fury of Katrina, during the next elections,..I sure will!!
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