The Hearse Ride...

Monday, July 10, 2006

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Friday, July 07, 2006

1000 MPH Day

Today is a 1000mph day, or it seems I've been ordering auto parts for my Caprice, which I can't pick up for an hour so I have time to compose a little. My sister called on the 4th to tell me that she's kicking Granny out..(oh joy, oh rapture). Which means Granny is coming back down to Florida to drive me to my grave. I specifically warned her before she decided to agree to let Granny live with her, that she better have the patience of an ameoba. Since any SANE person would say NO!! But Nooooooooooo.
Origanally Granny lived in an adult care facility in Westland MI. since I could no longer do it alone. But then my BIL thought it would be cheaper for her to come live with them in Livonia. (DUMB, DUMB, DUMB) The last thing I want is to become Mr.Caregiver again. Just when I thought possibly my life was getting back on track, this shit has to happen. Back to the ole drugs again Well at least I'll have the funds again when she comes back.

So now I'm running around here like a whirling dervish trying to get my car fixed so I can make it to Orlando to pick her up at the airport. I was literally putting it off to the last second to repair my car, but the waterpump leaks like a cracked dam now, so there is no point in putting it off any longer. The house looks like hell, the yard is waaaay past needing to be mowed, since I as usual, put off yard work because it hadn't rained down here, and I saw no point in mowing the lawn to watch it just burn up. But we've received plenty of rain in the last 2 weeks so now it's like a pre-hay mow Parts of it anyway.

I could write a book of the mis-adventures of my so-called life, if I could get the words to come to me while I was at this pc. .......Oh well off to the store.
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

-Akinola The Idiot!!!

You know when I post twice in one day somthing is up.......So-called Arch Bishop Akinola is pressuring ABoCB Rowan Williams about the circumstances in the Episcopal church. Frankly it's none of his fuckin' business ...oh but I guess he doesn't see it that way....too fuckin' bad!!
Rowan needs to depose this hateful mutha fucka before it's too late!! He's Outta Control!! He's bringing down the Anglican Communion..literally!

One doesn't have to worry about the USA in this conflict,....-Akinola is ruining it his own damned self!! I wonder though where -Akinola will get the funds to keep his churches going?!? Not from us!! He fucked that up royally!! The Episcopal church will not fund a hateful tyrant, me!! When he's selling his purple shirt at the pawnshop,...they'll give him $2.00 for it as if it's worth that much.

He really needs mental health councelling!!!

(and I thought I was a
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Happy 4th America!!

I'm so toasted now, but I thought I should at least post something here, since I said I would. Listening to Sirius 33 Trance/Progressive...(progressive agenda also) I hope everyone is enjoying OUR FREEDOM, such as it is with G.W. eroding it.....

I met a guy last night, I used to work with him, he's HOT!! He's coming over later to go to Ocala with me,...hopefully my 9C1 will make it with it's defective water pump(the stores are closed today)...Like I soooooo wanted to replace the water pump today...NOT!!

Hopefully later tonight I'll live up to the part that challenges the wider church,..LMAO!!

His Light Shines Bright!!
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Monday, July 03, 2006

Life's a Bitch!!

I was thinking about opening another blog so I could use it as a homepage link when I blog, but I figure if people who come here don't like what I have to say, or the language I use, tough shit!! This is me, deal with it!!

I'm staying out of the fire, so to speak with all the controversy surrounding the episcopal church. I express my opinion every now and then, but I'm trying not to argue. It is upsetting to me that certain factions within the church can't seem to hash out thier differences in a respectable manner, but I must confess, I've not always been a ray of light either. I'm prone to argue, it's one of the things I learned from my mother God Bless Her.

My mother died when I was 22, from cancer. I most certainly thought I would die once she passed away, but I didn't....although it wasn't from lack of trying. I have dealt with thoughts of suicide for most of my life, but I'm just too scared to do it. I think it's my faith in God, because everytime I get that depressed, I start praying.....which is rather odd of me, since I would hardly call myself a religious person. Sure... I am a cradle Episcopalian, but as for attending church regularly, it's a no go. I stopped attending regular services shortly after my mother passed away. I have on occasion gone to church, usually for funerals, easter, or christmas, but it's been quite a um 1986. I really didn't miss it, I've moved so many times since then, and have had an erray of friends and activities to do that I simply didn't feel the need to go. And maybe deep down I was angry with God for taking my mother away from me.

But as I grow older, and more lonely....I've felt the need to go back, unfortunately the area I live in doesn't seem to have a church I feel comfortable in. And being rather shy (my description of myself) I don't want to go out looking for the right one. I have been told from friends that they think I'm am the furthest thing away from Maybe because I'm rather outspoken when it comes to everyday life. I'll elaborate on my life later.....

I have been putting off fixing the water pump on my car, because I'm too depressed to fix it, but it's come to the point where I have no other choice as it's leaking all over the place. It's not a hard job, but I have trouble getting the energy to do it. The depression I've had for the last 4 years is coming to a head, and though I can barely afford to keep food in my stomach, I really must start talking to someone.....soon. Or I predict I'll fall further into this hole I feel I'm in.
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Saturday, July 01, 2006

As The Church Turns

This situation with The Episcopal Church has really gotten out of control, the right and the left are going at it ferociously.....I was doing the same for a few days, but last night I decided I'd had enough. Unfortunately the people in the middle are the true losers. I might still offer an opinion on the blogs I frequently visit, but I refuse to argue about it, because frankly, we are not getting anywhere!!
I thought my activist days were over...HA!!

All we can really do now is pray that things get better in the future. As for now I'm just going to lurk.
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