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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

For The Bible Tells Me So...........

I know this might sound (off the rack) when that irrational part of my mind shuts down...(usually after a few drinks and pills), ...I see life like most people do. With some sort of HOPE and feeling.

Actually, I have (out of control feelings) that sometimes get me into trouble, if you have ever been introduced to the PC, know what I mean.

Satan has his best architects building the Bridge to Eternity ...Why shouldn't we fight back?!?

Hence forth... this post that started with humming the Hymn "Jesus Loves Me" ...and hopefully ends with lost ones saying the same.

Jesus Loves you This I know . . . . .

I feel a warmth when he is around, and he was here last night, when Brian died.

I believe the ACHING PAIN that has wracked my shoulders since last night, is Brian's way of communication.

God loves everyone, no matter sex, race, occupation, or even sexual orientation !!!

Jesus LOVES Everybody,... this I KNOW ........

Because the Bible (sorry fundies).. TELLS ME SO!!!!

(Unlike U Fundies...who have done every crime known to man in the name of Jesus).
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