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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Have a Horrorful Halloween

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Fakery Exposed . . .

I'm a musician by heart, but also a psychologist in spirit.

I have only played one Pipe Organ. That was the previous organ in Grace Church (east) Grand Rapids, Mi.

I dream about playing true organs, not of the digital variety....

I'm a FAKE . . .

Always have seemed to be . . .

I have an extensive digital library of organ stops, that I use on my digital keyboard, but I have yet to own a true Pipe Organ.
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Self Destruction Blogged

I often think about suicide. Much more than I assume others think about it.

I've seen others perpetrate it. Those are experiences to learn by. I have also seen the effects of suicide on the immediate families. The torture, of ones true being, the discovery of true Light, and the obsessive/compulsive manifestation of some sort of justification for continuation of destructive behaviors.

All centered in myself. I have a controlled alcoholism, I'm sure there are many like myself out there, this is of course before alcoholism takes hold of us and ruins our perception, or maybe it is already ruined.

I can say that drinking made the suicidal thoughts more prevalent. And made the thought of some sort of conviction associated with it, more attractive. But then alcohol lowers inhibitions, so that is to be expected.

I have actually been contemplating, . . trying crystal Meth.

I read up on meth, all the time, and most of it is pretty Grave!! I dunno why I am still attracted to it. Perhaps it's the sexual inhibition part, unfortunately along with it comes Very inhibited sexual disease knowledge, or a dis-association with the effects of such unrestricted sexual conduct.

But of course I cannot share such feelings, because I seem to be forever celibate . . .I guess I'm afraid to try these drugs that just might actually free me from my HELL!!

Or I just choose the free flow life, with full knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases.

Then again, if trying Meth obscures that knowledge, that would be a devastating thing. And as such should be avoided.

I'm such a sad sack, that I can't even find a sex partner, meth addicted or not!!
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Daddy ! ! ! . . .(joke post)

I've Written A Letter To Daddy . . .his address well, isn't quite heaven above,...but it used to be.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ride of the Century . . or You're Last Ride!!

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Scared Em' Away!!

I guess I scare everyone away, who might have wanted to know me. I receive a few inquiries about people wanting to know me more,...but after I reply, they never follow up.

I guess I truly am MAD!!

And I'll probably be alone... till I die.

Well, I'm used to it. So don't feel bad about not contacting me.

Just proves to me I'm a whack job. . . . .or have conveyed that feeling to others.

No wonder my favorite movie is "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane"!!

I'm Baby Jane!!
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The Andrea Doria

Considered the Mt. Everest of scuba diving, the shipwreck of the Andrea Doria is the ultimate deepwater wreck diving challenge. Over the years a small but fanatical group of extreme scuba divers have ventured over 100 miles out into the Atlantic, pushing themselves to the very limits of human endurance to explore her remains......and, like Mt. Everest, not all have returned alive. Over a dozen divers have met their fate while exploring this leviathan of the deep looking for their brass ring. A brass ring in the form of treasure, artifacts, photos, or the challenge that would take them closer to the edge than they had ever imagined just to be able to say, "they made it back alive”! What is the lure and who are these adventures drawn to dive deep into the belly of beast of which so many others have not returned, willing to risk it all for the challenge of diving Everest at the bottom of the sea, “The Doria”.

**During World War II Italy's premier trans-Atlantic fleet had been decimated to a mere ten percent of its nearly four million gross shipping tons prior to the war. After the devastating war Italy could not afford to be left behind by the British, French and American shipping lines in the competition for the booming post war Trans-Atlantic passenger trade. Italy began one of the most aggressive ship building campaigns the world has ever seen. In 1951 the most ambitious of those ships would be graced with the name of Italy's most famous admiral, the 15th century naval hero, Andrea Doria. At the time the Andrea Doria was widely believed to be the most beautifully designed ship ever built. The forward sweeping angled lines of the superstructure gave it the elusion of motion even when she was tied to the dock. Her interior was graced with the popular art-deco stylings of the time and the partitions and public rooms were filled with Italian works by some of the most famous Italian artists of the time.

Unfortunately, it would not be the ship's design or the works of art that adorned her common areas and passageways that would make her famous. It would be the catastrophic sinking of this modern ship that would bring her notoriety, making her one of the most famous shipwrecks in the world, second only to Titanic.

Unlike Titanic, the Andrea Doria's sinking would not be known as a disaster, but as one of the largest and most successful rescues ever mounted. Only 56 people died in the initial collision of the two great ships while all the remaining passengers were rescued before the sinking by the ship that stuck her, the Swedish ocean liner Stockholm. Other of her brethren ships would come to her aid.

This would not be the final chapter for the Andrea Doria. Instead, it would be the start of an entirely new career that has lasted to date, or nearly ten times longer than her short career as an opulent ocean liner. After the Doria had settled on the bottom it took only one day before the ill-fated passenger liner would be photographed where she lay. The underwater photographer was adventurer and Gimble’s Department store heir, Peter Gimble. Gimble would become obsessed with the wreck returning to her time and time again. Gimble was involved in the famous commercial salvage operation that cut open the first class foyer doors to recover two of the ship safes rumored to have untold treasures. The bank safe was located, but the purser's safe remained elusive. The dramatic opening of the safe on national live TV was an event of the year in broadcasting. The Doria, however, would keep some of her secrets. The commercial salvage was the last trip to the Doria that Gimble would ever make. He and his wife's remains would later be placed solemnly in the wreck by divers as per their last wills and testaments.

Gimble's commercial endeavor documentary has aired on PBS as, "Andrea Doria, the Final Chapter." But there is no “Final Chapter” when it comes to the Andrea Doria. Although not a living breathing entity the “Doria” lives on. Gimble was not the only one interested in the Andrea Doria. Other divers and film-makers had made their own sojourns to the depths looking for their own brass ring. An Italian film-maker hired then fledgling underwater cinematographer Al Giddings to shoot footage of him and his divers for a documentary to be aired on Italian TV. During Gidding's attempts to film the wreck he made reference to his efforts as to what he imagined it would be like filming a climb on Mount Everest. The strong currents and heavy particulates in the water and the near-freezing temperature were akin to filming in a blizzard. From that day forward the wreck of the Andrea Doria would be known to divers as “the Mount Everest of Shipwrecks.” That moniker would only serve to draw more intrepid divers to explore her mysteries.

July of 2006 will mark the 50th anniversary of the ships fateful plunge to the bottom of the Atlantic. In those 50 years the wreckage of the Andrea Doria, like the fabled mountain Mt. Everest, has had an inexorable draw to men and women who love the adventure and challenge of exploring the depths. Unlike Mt Everest where the only real tangible evidence of your achievement would be photographs. The “Doria” offers hundred if not thousands of brass rings in the form of artifacts. Artifacts like the safes that Gimble sought out as well as countless other objects such as the ship’s bell, brass widows, bridge equipment, helm wheels, fixtures, art work and china. These relics that divers began scavenging from the rusting leviathan initiated a yearly migration of divers from around the globe looking to bring home there own trophy. A physical piece of evidence that says, “I was there”.

Once Gimble had removed the first class foyer doors it was analogous to opening Pandora’s Box and like Mt. Everest, not everyone would make it back alive! The moniker, the challenge, but mostly the bootie makes the “Doria” the most famous, dangerous, and mesmerizing shipwreck in the world. Any diver intent on pushing their underwater envelope would relish an opportunity to plunge into the dark, deep depths and explore the Doria’s last remains for a chance at a brass ring.

Over the years there have been many documentaries produced about the Andrea Doria as a grand passenger liner and of the tragic collision that sent her to the bottom along with the controversy that loomed over the incident for years. But the ship’s career as a shipwreck has now over shadowed her short life as a passenger liner; this is the story of the “Mt. Everest of wreck dives” and the 50 years of divers who have surrendered to the siren call to explore the Mt Everest of shipwrecks, known to them as simply “The Doria”.

The project is being scripted as an indie style film documentary instead of network sponsored so that we can maintain creative control. The basic idea is to interview as many divers from the past through the present day to get their perception on why they wanted to dive the Andrea Doria. What was the lure that made them want to take the chance to dive a shipwreck where so many others came back in body bags. We plan to maintain the divers view by using as little or no voice over as possible. For the lay it’s not just difficult to understand it’s just as difficult to explain. So we thought it best to leave any conclusions that might be contrived up to the viewer.

(** Ship Story).

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Hello Again!!

I know I'm on a rant this day,...since I'm nocturnal, I cannot post a it usually changes while I'm trying to post.

I checked out free media players, and found one I like, the only prob is trying to embed it into my blog. They had supposedly told me how to do it, but I still don't understand, and I suppose the developer of the software is inept on actually implementing it, unless it's his website.

So I guess I'll be trying a bunch of new software in the next 2 weeks,...if I'm not satisfied with the end product. I do have the knowledge to make my own media player, but I don't know how far HTML will go on . And I'm not all that sure, my old school computer skills are all that updated for TODAY.

So I'll be trying new things out, and I suppose, that it will be an HTML mess before I am done...LOL!!
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I really would like to have some sort of media player on this Blog, but it seems from what I've researched, you have to PAY for them.

W T F !!!

I could freely put a You-Tube player here, but I have inferior video capabilities, and then I would have to integrate tunes onto the player...Bull Shit!!!

I just want a FREE media player, like the ones they have on My Space, ...but it doesn't seem like there are any to be found.

What to do.......what to do??!??
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I've just about had it with the FAKE so-called conservative christians, and/or so-called conservative Republicans. There is nothing conservative about them. They spend more money than any liberal I've ever met. These types of people are not to be confused with true Conservatives, from the old school. ie: Gerald R. Ford, Richard M. Nixon, and many more.

These creatures, and you'll notice I didn't say people, twist and turn other peoples idea's into a National Enquirer story. I can understand, when all they have to watch on the news front is Fox(National Inquirer)News. They live to shock, unfortunately they only seem to be shocking themselves, because anyone with a 5th grade intellect can see right through their shock and fear agenda.

An example from an article from Stand Firm: Time to face the facts, folks, the GLBT agenda is really a case of tell them what they want to hear in order to get what you want. America would do well to remember that each advance of the GLBT into the political arena has been made at the expense of the basic rights of those who oppose their agenda. WTF?!?

What the fuck are they losing?
What expense?!?
What are GLBT's taking away from them?!?


I guess their right to be a bigot, would be infringed upon.

Their right to murder without having to pay the consequences....

Oh and of course the BIG ONE, their right to call " HATE " anything but what it is.

These people manufacture things that may happen if certain legislation were to be passed. . . .{FICTION}

Like the 1999 crisis, the world would end in the year 2000, ..I'm still years past due.
And Weapons Of Mass Destruction . . . . . . . .WTF?!?

Maybe they just need to pull their heads out of their asses, and attempt to look somewhat intelligent, though I doubt they will be able to pull that one off, since they are so obsessed with bodily functions.

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American Class

1976 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser.
1976 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Landau Coupe.
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

My current beast. ^

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Friday, October 19, 2007

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Glorious Food!!

Well since my extractions have healed, it's time to gain back all the weight that I Any way, I plan on making my favorite food, Cornish Pasties version of pure delicious comfort food.
I could live on pasties, and did for a while when I was was living in Michigan, and I never tired of them. Now of course I make a variation of pasties, as a 9x9 meat pie in a glass dish, it's much easier. Still tastes the same, though I use ground round or sirloin, and omit the suet. Though they do taste better with suet, I needn't worry about major cholesterol deposits from my lower fat recipe.
But of course if I had a larger kitchen, I would experiment more often with recipes than I do now. Considering I have to remove the coffee pot, toaster, canisters, just to roll out the pastry. I hate this tiny kitchen, and have major plans for it after Granny is no longer here.
Time to prep.
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's About History . . .

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Peripherals

I finally purchased a new multi-media keyboard(cheap but effective) since my old one was failing, too many ashes and drinks spilled on it, not to mention all the melted keys from wayward cigarettes and other burning matter.{I just can't imagine}
It's so quiet though, I'm used to hearing clicking when the keys are pressed, and major key Like my cap H didn't work on the old one, but it was the shift key, because the right side shift worked fine, but I usually use the left side so it became a pain to type out things, after I beat the shit out of the keyboard for not working.
Of course I won't discard the old keyboard, I'll have to disassemble it and try and fix it.....(such are people who are mechanically inclined)...seems I can't throw anything away, that might have another potential. But if it is dead, then I'll toss it, minus parts that still work.

I have closets full of used electronics in some form of repair or disrepair, all with the thought {I'll eventually fix them}. Well I did manage to fix the 6 late 70's receivers I had in storage, after 3 yrs of I still have 5 VCR's, 8 boom boxes, 3 tube receivers, 2 tv's, 4 sets of speakers, 3 cassette decks(2 Nakamichi's, 1 Yamaha), and 2 cd changers. Eventually I hope to get to them, or my house will become an electronics dump site. I have sold a few things that I'm willing to part with, such as the 3 Carver Amps, and Klipsch speakers I had when I was a DJ...ya know, the big $$$ items, which still fetch a premium price even used.

(**) As usual something is fucked up on blogger, and photo's won't upload.
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

ANGRY ! ! !

I'M ANGRY, . . .

Very much so, but I needn't use caps to convey it. Though I would like to.

The lack of health insurance in the U.S. is a major problem. Yet we look to change Africa?
I'm not here to question a church's decisions, but the U.S. is lacking also . . .

I'm not angry at you, but I'm angry at the thought that the United States is so much superior, ...on some platforms, we are, but on the basic human needs platform we are sorely lacking ! ! !

We try to feed the world, but when it comes to our own, we turn a blind eye. We act as if ....I never knew those people living 2 miles away from me were in so much need . . .

WE know, and act like it's not our problem. Oh, IT CERTAINLY IS OUR PROBLEM . . That we shoo away like a fly, . . till it's one of our own who is a victim of our own arrogance.

The United States is a great place when you have nothing . . .it sure looks that way, but I'm not one to bilk emergency rooms unless I'm dying,..course then, I'm not one to judge . . .cause I would hope someone would have the know how to do that for me in such a situation. . .

But I doubt it.
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I fell down the steps this morning, my legs are severely bruised,..normally, if I had insurance , I would have gone to the emergency room, but since I don't, ...well I'm hoping I'm okay. I was bleeding like a broken damn, but I elevated my legs and it subsided, so I'm assuming all is well, just to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Besides, the pain will keep me still, till dinnertime arrives and I have to feed Granny.

Sometimes I wish I was in Canada.

But we are not . . WE are in the United States, a country fcked up ROYALLY!! and it's all you're fault!!

. . what difference will voting make? . . .
Who cares, really? . . .

Look at yourselves when you ask those questions, . . .because accidents happen often, and if you are one of those uninsured people, . . . and God forbid you get hurt, . . . Rep. or not, who will take care of you?!?

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Swell to Great!!

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I played the keyboards tonight for 3 hours, I just didn't want to stop, so I didn't. I played the piano for about an hour and a half and the rest of the time I played the organ, exercising my legs on the pedals And what better tune to do such exercising to than Sine Nomine other wise known as the hymn, For All The Saints.
I recently noticed that Allen Organs have a 3-way organ temprement, registration, and that may be the top of the heap,....but. . . . .

Manual, registrations, made on manual pipe organs are the best registrations. . . .


One Has to experience things before they judge!!!!

he Loves Us Anyway!!! cap h's is dead.
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Friday, October 05, 2007

No DSL? . . . Bullshit!!

I've been without an internet connection for 2 days ...seems Embarq's DSL was having issues in my central Florida local, ....and since they don't have dial-up for a back up, I was unable to feed my addiction . . .lol.

And on my birthday no less ....How Dare They!!

So I called this toll free number Embarq has to resolve connection probs. and get this guy who orders me a new modem, supposedly he assumes my modem is fucked up, which it isn't. He then goes on to order a dedicated DSL connection?!?

At this point I should say that on Tuesday evening the DLS was having probs in a 40 mile radius

I tried to suggest that it was a local problem, but the operator disagreed. So anyway, I was informed that a technician would be here at 10 am Friday. So the guy shows up and is perplexed as to why the operator ordered the dedicated DSL jack. I told the tech what I told the operator, and he said that there was nothing wrong with my set up, other than the modem being a piece of shit, but that there was a local problem.....

So at about 3:00 pm I tried to get online, and guess what,..I got on without a hitch. So much for the operator,...what a crock!!

The tech said it was like a watch repairman prescribing pain killers to a horse.
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Expensive Dentistry

I had a molar extracted today, and I thought I was going to the dentist to have the stitches removed from my earlier procedure....
But then last night I developed an excruciating toothache that didn't seem to be responding to pain meds(Vicodin) very well. It was fine if I sat up, but maybe 2 minutes after laying down in bed, the pain would throb back to life, making sleeping impossible . So I didn't sleep at all last night.

So far I've spent $563.00 having just 2 teeth extracted. I need to find a more affordable dentist, because those of us who don't have insurance can barely afford to maintain our health.

I just want the dentist to extract them all, but at these prices I'll look like I have meth mouth before I venture back into a dentists office.
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My ugly mug, in the worst fitting shirt I I'm not very photogenic.

Notice in the background the old school amp and boom box....I have 9 boom boxes and 7 amps, all mid to late 70's aluminum faced beauties. The amp behind me is a top of the line Lafayette LR-9090, I also have a Setton RS-6060 which is basically the same thing as the LR-9090, but much more appealing to the eye, and at the time was boo coo bucks.

Thank God for ebay!!
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Brush Park, Detroit, Michigan.

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