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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have a few feral cats that I care for. They come and they go, usually they disappear after a couple of years, but I do have a couple of steadfast cats who have been around here for at least 13 years. One is Momma Kitty(her name), she's the third (able to care for her kittens) female that I have had, the first got hit by a car, the second I disposed of {took her for a long ride and dropped her off} after she killed two of her own siblings. The third is Old Man, he's the Patriarch of the family, and the worst treated, obviously...because he always has scabs and wounds on his body.

Well anyway, one of the cat's I have is named Possum, because she lost 2 inches of her tail and 3 inches of fur on her tail by unknown circumstances (probably a fight with a critter{Coon,Dog,person}), so I named her Possum because of the way her tail looks.

She's a sweety, and actually comes when called.(rare for a feral cat)

These are pics of her. I did a little paint shop on the one photo, because her eyes reflected

I used to have a Lynx mix with a natural short tail, but she killed a few local dogs and I had to move her elsewhere.
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