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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joe Black

There seems to be accidental death happening in my area much too often. Just last night my friend called me to tell me that a mutual friend was killed in a (bicycle/car) accident just 3 blocks away at 7:45pm, he was riding the bike.

His name was Brian and he was just 20.

I hit the county newspaper site and see more death from accidents all over the county, Brian's was the 83rd this year, and the 9th this month(Nov. 08).

My friend Jeffrey was killed last year in an auto accident and he was only 20.

Maybe I should keep clear of meeting people, because it seems the young ones are falling like flies in a Raid commercial.

Makes me wonder, because both of these guys where intimate with me.

Am I Joe Black?

The question is not rhetorical.
posted by David G. at 8:40 PM


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