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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why, Oh Why?!?

I've never said I wasn't spiritually inclined, I just never shined it out there.

Yes, I am psychic, and yes I do know future events, but not in total detail, so what's the point??

Someone is pregnant, and someone is going to lose their baby. Is that what you want to know?

I cannot say, who is going to lose their baby, but it is someone who reads this blog.

I'm angry now, since I was exposed,....but I stand by my prophesies.
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What's The Point?!?

I hate writing on this blank page, no inspiration. There's a window to write in, but the background is plain white, also.

Such inspiration!! NOT!!

I need a sexy 18 yr old to if.

Eventually, my creativity will come back. It always does!!


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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Deeeeeeper . . . deeeeper!!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

My Dream House or Summer Cottage?

Yes, I've always had dreams of owning a Victorian Cottage, the U.S. , those cottages can be of massive proportions .... like a Victorian Ship Captains cottage tucked away in some cove on the eastern seaboard, to a Summer Cottage on Mackinac Island. I realize the Winchester Mansion is neither a cottage nor is it on the coast, proper, but the proportions are right. Besides, I'm tired of doing picture searches, I get caught up in the history of the building and lose all track of the original
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh Well

I came in here much earlier to post something, then hit my fav porn site, and well no Just as well, I didn't have anything worth mentioning any way!!

Other than my cooking, I'm in high gear today with homemade chicken noodle soup......Cookin' away!!
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Another Day

I've been so stoned lately that I don't even have the urge to go online, which in itself is a good thing. I got bored today so I went grocery shopping, ... I guess I should have looked into the cupboards to see if I needed anything. I have a STUFFED pantry!!! Stuffed full of things that I am not using ...obviously . . . lol.

I guess I was tired of looking in Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard I stuffed it full with dillusions of grandeur ...assuming I might get that extra burst of energy and cook, ...well Golly Gee!!

I'm still waitin' ...

So I'll have what I need next time I feel like cooking, though I still haven't found the coffee I was searching for. But at least I have lots of Lindt chocolate .....MMMMmmmm!!!!!!!
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

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Friday, January 18, 2008

. . . What?

I believe The Episcopal Church has been taken over by a bunch of mentally ill individuals...and with the sad state of this countries mental health system, one wonders why it didn't happen sooner.

I believe in society today, there is about a 45/55 probability that those in the 45 percentile are likely to be mentally ill in some way, be it mild depression to severe paranoid schizophrenia.

All you have to do is associate with the fringe of society to see that. And the fringe is getting larger, what with all the stress is the world today.

That caretaker part of me is drawn to the fringe, though I'm very cautious, previous drug addicts/scam artists taught me well, what with ripping naive little me off, of 100's of dollars worth of Nintendo Gaming equipment ... I may have been aroused that evening, but....

that was my first encounter with a crystal meth addict ... a SAD, SAD continuing situation ...growing in a town NEAR you!!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Causin' Shame!!

You know, if you have ever visited this blog, that usually I'm a calm, give and let give, person.
But lately, I have been holding back, concerning things religious. I can't literally say that I have anything at stake in the situation, other than losing my birth Church, something I grew up with, something I thought would always be there. But maybe I guessed wrong.

I'm not a reactionary, unless I had a few. Then I start to question things....Sad for those folks who thought they really put one over on TEC!!

I for one will fight for my Established Church!!

Just Try Me!!
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Baked ! !

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Any Way . . .

I tried to get on last night, but the net went out, or it did through Embarq DSL and I waited till 1:30am, and it still wasn't on so I went to my room and played PS2 till the early morning light.

The game is Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix.

I just love the graphics on this game, and the ability to customize the vehicles bodies with all sorts of extra cost add ons. These shots are from the original Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition, but the cars are the same...with exception the the 24 new ones in the Remix version, including my favorite the 96 Chevy Impala SS, though it would have been nice to have been able to customize it's body. Oh well no game is ever perfect.
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Friday, January 04, 2008

Damned Online Storage!!

It seems every time I want to foray into my online music files, they are doing some sort of maintenance or some sort of shit. It's freakin' Friday night, give me a break!!

So perhaps it's time to find a more reliable site to store music files.
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Classy Chassis's

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

This is why I don't do recipes ..I seem to have forgotten a few things.
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Depression Stew

I cook like I play the keyboards, by So I'll try to write down a recipe for the cabbage beef soup I'm making, at the present time.

Depression Stew

1 1/2# Ground Round (any grade is fine, extra lean is also good)

2 tsp. Liquid Smoke (hickory)

1 Large head Green Cabbage, chopped

5 Stalks celery, sliced

5 Medium carrots, sliced

3 Large yellow Onions, large dice

5 Medium potatoes, large dice

5 Cloves garlic,chopped (I use the dry and probably add more than that)

1 Tbsp dried basil

1 1/2 tsp. Grd. Black pepper

1 29oz.(1 lb. 13oz.) can Tomato Puree

3 Quarts water (add more if too thick)

Okay here's where it gets tricky, I use a beef soup base, and can't judge measures, so suffice to say, enough beef bullion to make 2 quarts of broth. I suppose you could use 2 quarts of beef broth.

The healthy way would be to brown the ground beef, and drain it, but since I use higher grades of meat with lower fat, I skip that step.

I put the grd. beef into a 5 Quart stock pot, and cover it with about a quart of cold water. Turn the burner on to about med-high to high, depending on your fuel source, I have electric so I put it on high. Add garlic and pepper, and simmer the meat, (appox. 15-20 mins.) lower heat, but keep it near boiling while you are paring and chopping the carrots. Continue to prep veggies, when you have the veggies, except potatoes (always do potatoes last or they will discolor or over cook)
Add Tomato Puree, and *2 Quarts of hot water *(omit if using broth)

**Add Liquid Smoke.

Add beef soup base for 2 Quarts, or bullion.

Add Basil, bring to a boil.

Add carrots and celery, cook for about 15 mins, continue cooking while adding cabbage and onions. Cook on med-low heat/low simmer for 45 mins.

Add pared, diced potatoes and cook for (appox.)10 mins. till done.

Correct the seasoning.

Shut off the heat and eat'r up!!

Now, this is the size I make at home, but it can be tripled or quadrupled for soup'll have to figure out those measures

Now you can add or subtract veggies in this soup as you like, if I had rutabaga, corn, & green beans, I would have added it, but I didn't.

**Of course I forgot the secret ingredient....duh. 2 tsp. Liquid Smoke. Gives it a savory taste, most people don't detect it, though they always remember the soup.
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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Teetering GS House of Cards!!

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