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Friday, June 23, 2006

75th General Convention!!

I'm all over the place lately,....mainly the Episcopal Church, which I'm a member of,....not that I frequent the church much,'ve been watching for a few see what would come of Gene Robinson's electorate into the the Bishop's forum.......
All seemed good , Until this recent 75th General Convention....( I must say, I would be a regular parishioner of a church, but where I live...{Central Florida}...we have a jerk off Bishop....who is a conservative...) I don't at all agree with his BS agenda.......Puuuuulease!!

If being static is the best thing to do, one would ever go to church!! They would be bored out of thier minds,...

They screwed around with the Windsor report,..which I thought originally was a bunch of bs.....[It still is]....... !!

Like being Gay is the end of the world!!


I can say with a clean concience that if the Anglican Covention want's to oust us,..Go ahead!! Then we will be the church that is true to it's faith !! I would be sad if they did so,...but I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of all the BS that they say,....and then backslide on,.....I wonder what Jesus would say?!?
It all makes me sick in my heart!!.....

I know what is right,...because if I'm wrong, I'm sure God would send a message...and that hasn't happened to me yet!!

He might be saying: to go slowly,..I understand that...But to split the church?!?

That may be a good thing also......So we can watch the split part of our church,...slowly die away!!! With age,....I pity those who will enter heaven with thieir belives,....or maybe not enter heaven,....because of them.

I've always thought of God as a loving God,..not someone to condemn something he created....

I pity those that are against Christ's True Love!!

If there is a Hell,...They most certainly will be there,........eventually!!

I just don't get thier HATE!!

(I was totally wasted when I wrote this so forgive my furor).
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