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Friday, November 30, 2007

Flash Music Player

I'm trying out different flash players for this and another blog I'm attempting to develop. It's on auto-start for a reason, if it pisses me off I'll switch it to manual.

Anyway these are but a few of the thousands of dance oriented mp3's I have in my vast library, I mean what's the point of collecting them if you aren't going to share them?

I didn't become a DJ to hide in a room alone to listen to

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Forgotten America

Brush Park Detroit, Michigan.
Forgotten Georgia Plantation.
Brush Park Detroit, Michigan.
Rotting Saginaw, Michigan, lumber baron mansion.
Young Slumpy, Brush Park Detroit, Michigan.
Ole Slumpy, Brush Park Detroit, Michigan
Broken Down Georgia Mansion.
Forgotten Gothic Victorian in a New Jersey town.
Forgotten church in a former pasture.

Brush Park Detroit, Michigan.
Brush Park Detroit, Michigan.
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh I See...

I have this thing for lighthouses, and thought I'd upload a few here.

Incidentally, these and many more lighthouses are located here
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Blog background ....

I dunno, The cemetery background was slightly depressive, but this one doesn't agree with me, either. So now I'll probably go on some crazy hunt looking for just the right background pic....the one that doesn't exist.
Eventually, I'll forget why, and what I'm looking for and that will just morph into some other idea.

Being crazy, is such time honored What with having to devise new ways to appear sane on the outside....and then trying to figure out if what you did was real, or imagined on the inside.
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Who's Crazy?!?

I used to think I was crazy, till I moved down to Florida, and everyone is crazy now!!
I'm slightly sane compared to them. In fact in a conversation, I always get everyones attention. I am a charismatic person, though I'm not one to trifle with, unless you want get the shit beat out of you.

I warn everyone ahead of time,...that way they can't take me to court

I see the so-called Global South as being the crazy ones now!!
Yet they still want their pensions...from TEC.

HELLo .......where the fuck are you from?!?

If I did what U did I would be fired, if not prosecuted. And you think you can do that to TEC and get away with it???

No Fucking Way!! Not in My Lifetime..any way!!

It is past time to throw these interlopers out....Hello Kathy, are you listening?!?

Maybe it's time for me to take a vacation to New York City, and remind Kathy just what is at stake.
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Ship Sinking in Antarctic Waters

(2007-11-23 06:58:17)

LONDON (AP) — More than 150 passengers and crew took to lifeboats in Antarctic waters on Friday after their cruise ship hit an object and began taking on water through a hole in the hull, Britain's Coast Guard said. No injuries were reported.

"Latest reports are that all persons are safe and accounted for," said Coast Guard spokesman Fred Caygill.

Evacuees from the Liberian-flagged Explorer were boarding another cruise ship, Endeavor, near the South Shetland Islands and were expected to be transferred later to a larger ship, said Henry Purbrick, watch officer at the Coast Guard center in Falmouth, England.

"We believed it has been hulled, it has a hole the size of a fist and some cracking in the hull of the ship, it's taking water and it's listing about 21 degrees," Caygill told AP Radio.

"There has been some information coming back that it may have hit an iceberg but it has not been confirmed."

It was unclear whether the vessel would sink, Caygill said.

There was a lot of ice in the area, but the vessel was built to withstand ice, said another Coast Guard spokesman Mark Clark.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency said it was informed at 12:24 a.m. EST of the incident involving the 2,646-ton vessel Explorer.

The incident was reported near the South Shetland Islands and Graham Land, an Antarctic peninsula, the Coast Guard said.

Rescue centers in Norfolk, Va., and Ushuaia, Argentina, were taking charge of coordination, the Coast Guard said.

It was believed the passengers included 22 or 23 British citizens, and undetermined numbers of Americans and Canadians, the Coast Guard said.

{The passenger ship MV Explorer in this undated file photo made available from Museum of Uusikaupunki, Finland, which is reported to be sinking following a collision in Antarctic waters Friday Nov. 23, 2007. No injuries are reported aboard the Explorer, and more than 150 passengers and crew are believed to have evacuated the ship, into lifeboats. The ship which was former named Lidblad Explorer was built in 1969 in Uusikaupunki Shipyard, Finland. The Explorer was purpose-built as an expeditionary vessel, designed to literally go where no passenger ship has gone before. (AP Photo / Museum of Uusikaupunki via Lehtikuva)}
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Rant Over

Okay, hopefully my rant is over,..the rest I'll write about....and dwell upon.

I have better things to do than BITCH about the incompetence running my so-called religion.

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True Episcopalian

I shiver when I think of some Global South Mutha Fucka, taking over my religion!! I will not have it!!

To me the Anglican/Episcopal Church is my refuge. These churches in Florida are neither!!!!

I'm scared to visit churches here,..and I'm sure there are many others is the same situation.

The HATE you see here in these, ...So-Called Churches reminiscent of The Confederate South!!

I'm disgusted to be known this way.

But then I can't say what happens in these so-called churches, because I've never visited any of them. I wanted to go to Belleview's St. Ann's , but I saw they were on the HATE list and haven't ventured there.

I'm about to go on a priest hunt, and tell them all about me...and the true ones will deal with it, the ones who don't show up, aren't TRUE Christians, as far as I'm concerned.

Ya'll don't worry about me, I'm not planning to off myself anytime soon.
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I hate taking care of Granny so much that I slip into suicidal thoughts every month, I ignore them, but as usual, I cannot ignore everything!! I HATE feeling this way.

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over taking care of Granny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd like to overdose on drugs, a suicide. Then I will be asleep when it happens.

I've thought about using a gun, but I don't own a handgun, and am not about to buy one just for the occasion.

I always had the garage and carbon monoxide in mind, but here in FL. you are lucky to have anything over a

Now I'm hooked on the overdose thing, but if I was back up north, I certainly would use the garage at my sister's house. It's detached, so no fumes would permeate the house,..and no one would know till the stink of rotting flesh woke them up.

Oh well...anyway..I'm still here.
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New Blog

Okay I tried this before and it didn't work out, ...but I've been looking for an output to all the dance mixes I have created, plus all the original cuts everyone craves.

So anyway I'll try the blog thing again,...with some help, I
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Screw The Anglican Communion!!

I have thought about this for quite some time, and I think it's about time to tell Rowan to literally FUCK OFF!!

I think The Episcopal Church could be so much more if we were willing to just go our own way. Screw these Baptist, Pentecostal, and every other intruder who wants this church to be as boring and still as their former churches. Full of HATE, playing the blame game every other week!!

Let's just do our own thang!! If it doesn't work, we can always repent and rejoin the so-called Anglican communion. After all, isn't that what the other side keeps saying, they love to forgive....though from their behavior, I seriously doubt it!!

Maybe invent the Progressive Communion!!

There is always time, though I would like to see something happen before I die...something totally inclusive!!

Yikes!! What a conception!!

Could we do it, ....time will only tell.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just Another Day

Today I received a phone call from my drunken father insisting I call my brother and sister to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.
I did neither.

As far as I'm concerned this is just another Thursday. As have been the 21 previous Thanksgivings that I have not celebrated, and I'm sure you could lump every other holiday other than New Years, that I haven't celebrated including Christmas. Although I do put up lights for Christmas, and I do have a tendency to play the piano & organ quite often during the Advent season. Other than that, I don't have a tree, wreath, or buy gifts. I do however cook a Christmas dinner, usually some nice cut of beef to roast, or if we are lucky perhaps venison.
I HATE turkey, ever since my step-mother made it every Sunday for 3 years....I might be inclined to think I was actually allergic to turkey, because the side effects are none too pleasant. They quite mimic the symptoms one could expect if they were lactose intolerant.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I Have a friend who lives fairly close to me, like 1 neighborhood away. Unlike most of my other friends who are spread out all over Florida. Well anyway, she can become rather needy during unpredictable times. What I mean to say is that she has emotional problems, much more severe than myself. Unlike myself, she's sought out help, but she seems to rely on me for emotional support...for what reason I dunno. But she wouldn't be the first one and I'm sure she won't be the last.
Last night she calls me just past 2 AM, and I was on the PC as usual, and was ready to hit the sack. I saw on the Caller ID, that is was her, so I shut the ringer off and let the machine pick up. Well as usual that certainly wasn't good enough for her and she proceeded to call me 4 more times within a 20 min. period, never leaving a message of course. Then slightly before 2:30 am, she pulls into the driveway, and comes to the window closest to the desk and starts chatting....
{I must say I'm not very good at getting my point across to certain people, because I abhor getting bitchy when I'm burned out}
I acted very nonchalant, but she was on a mission, . . . . one she goes on from time to time, to drink up my booze!!
I tell her the door is unlocked....and as she goes around to it, I hide my pipe and smoke, because she's not getting any of that!!
She comes into the living room and starts with a story that she was out, and she can't seem to come down, and can she have a shot or two of my booze. I say it's okay, but only 2 shots, . . . and then I remind her how I got the time she drank all my booze up, and ask her if she would like a repeat of it?
She declines adamantly, and says two is fine.

I nearly had to fake illness to get her to I mean really!! She insisted that I go to her house and smoke a joint she had, but I really was tired, so I declined.

Just another day in the neighborhood.
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Time to STFU!!

I really need a friend to tell me when to Shut The Fuck Up!!

I get on these rants, here online, and elsewhere . . .and everyone acts like it's just fine. But I know I'd love to tell myself to shut the fuck up, sometimes.

Then 2 days later when I read my blog and other places I have visited, I'm disgusted with myself, and stay away for 5 days.
I guess I should stay away forever if I knew what was good for me ...But...I Don't!!

Thank God!!

I like being a text book for psych!!
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oops ..

I kinda whacked out tonight, I get so emotional at times, I just break down and sob. I cannot control my emotions during those times. I must say that earlier in the day I was reading Meth stories from continuing addicts, and many recovering addicts, and it seemed to effect me more than I thought.

But then again, the cat I took time to name, "Jeffrey" was listless, and I thought he had somehow been injured by a vehicle. . .

But when I approached him he got up and "high tailed" it under the house ...out of reach. I'm really hoping he ate the wrong thing and it's a sour stomach, ...but as I was trying to coax him out from under the house I noticed a coiled snake right near my feet, not a rattler, but a big black snake...dead of course....

I feel bad, because they seem to love me so much, my kind heart makes me the Cat wo ..Man of the
Like the old Colombo Unfortunately I don't live on Knob Hill!!

Just a pauper...(if it wasn't for Granny I'd be homeless), who really doesn't care where he lives...although after living in a place waaaay past my usual 6 years was a challenge.

I'm on Terry's list,...I believe everyday is a learning experience , one I enjoy quite immensely...

(even though suicide may be my exclusive train of thought)

I can't say why I continue to live??

I have injured myself in ways I'd never post on the net. But DEEP down seems I really don't want to die.

Thankfully, I'm broke and cannot afford to find out why.
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I have NO inclinations toward a woman!!
Other than close friendships, close enough to be a husband I suppose, but NOT!!! Especially in the sex dept.

Honey I've turned many a straight man into what he truly was Gay!!

And this Bitch will proclaim it OUT!!

Whether they want to proclaim it, isn't my business . . . . . .. ... ........ .. . But It's all of our businesses,.........because these are OUR Children, Children of God (Who Loves Us No Matter What!!)

IPersonally cannot Give Up on anyone, no matter who, what, when, and/or where!!
I Trust Christ is with All those who may read my blog, or is nearer to Him other than what they might perceive in their thought, word and deed.

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Meth Death!!

I've been disturbed lately by all the souls corrupted by Crystal Meth/Ice/Tina...., I know a few and I try with God's help to reach them. I cannot blame the addiction on the addict, can do!!

I blame the addiction on the dealer, and or manufacturer. Sometimes the manufacturer is the user and dealer. At that point they already know the risks, how it's made, and what it does to a person, Positive & Negative!! It's up to their own weak soul whether they subject it to others.

I know it sounds COLD, but I'm glad that Jeffrey escaped it's grasp by death. Though I do miss him, quite a lot. I just drug my self up so I can only feel certain things, otherwise it would be a trip to the psych ward for me.

I hate how I react to things, how certain things devastate me, when others are rejoicing. ..and visa versa!!

I force myself to comply with certain aspects of civilized society, ...but I still search for those left in it's wake!!
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Crystal Meth Ken.

That's where we come in,..with our hearse and well you don't wanna know all the rest!!
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Such A Life

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Shep Pettibone

I've had a nagging interest in music for as far back as I can remember. I began my informal music education at age 4, on my Aunt's Parlor Grand piano. . . a Voss & Sons as I remember. It was like between the size of a concert grand and a baby grand. Back then it was kept tuned, but now it would open a few

I was quite the prodigy . . .as my folks would say, you were playing Bach at age 6 ...but they didn't bring into account their over supervision . . I soon tired of reading music and let my true musical talent show itself at age 10.

I did quite an impromptu Postlude at the church I attended at the time . . .subbing for the associate organist ...who will remain nameless

It was an improvisation on the (Thanksgiving) offertory hymn . . the title I cannot remember. I do remember it had the words A song of thanksgiving in it, but that could be many hymns . . .and since I can't type it out in staff, I don't see the point in recording my rendition of it.

Anyway .... I peaked a few heads that night . . . and soon became an associate organist.
I just liked being able to play the pipe organ, and quite a few times I played pop hits at the time, like Hall & Oats, Quincy Jones, The Brothers Johnson ....usually funk I loved low Disco/Funky music ....and the Electronic music from the late 70's early 80's was cool, though I remeber plenty of protests against synthesizers, ...and look where they are!!
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

These Crazy Christians!!

They have the money to make a mega-blockbuster movie, about their true faith, but no one can agree about the content, and this has been going on . . . . since film was invented.

Even, LOUD MOUTHED Pat Robertson, who claims he is one of God's Chosen . . . . . Chosen for what, only God knows?!?

To degrade His experiment?!?

Me Thinks Pat Robertson will be remembered as a HATEFUL secessionists, when all is said and done.

I wouldn't want to be related to him, and admit it, anyhow!!
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Where's The New Star Trek Voyager Movie?!?

I Miss The Star Trek Series!! I really do. I can't actually say I've watched any Network TV since Star Trek was discontinued, not like that is a bad thing.
I like CSI, and Law & Order, but the market is saturated with all the CSI, and Law & Order shows, so now what?!?

I really think Paramount, just wanted to retire, richly,....though I think they are just a bunch of old men looking to make money (period).

That's all and well for you old fogies!! but there many of us Die Hard Trekkies out there who have been waiting waaaaaay toooooo loooooong. . . . .. for a Voyager Movie, On The BIG SCREEN!!

Hey Bill Gates, how about spending some of that money, this . . . well it's just a thought.

I feel, the late 90's were the 1920's stock crash revisited, ...but I see much worse coming up from G.W. Bush's regime.

My Faith, has never been really tested. I will admit, that when my Mother was diagnosed with Cancer, waaaay back in 1986, I just couldn't fathom what would happen.
I've always had my faith in God.

I've never lost it.

Though I have been tested, many times . . .

My mind is reeling with cures, for Jeffrey's
I miss the fun that surrounded Jeffrey . . .

But, . . . I'm sure Jessica doesn't miss the home invasions, and theft that occurred during that time.
I'm Greatful for having met Jeffrey, and for God introducing us.
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