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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Loved General Motors!!

I never did like Ford's designs for cars, they were so angular and boxy. GM knew how to make a stylish car, all you had to do was look out on the street or in any parking lot. The 1939 Cadillac V-12 (Chassis) , for instance..... what did Ford ever have to compare?!?
And all the Coach builders who signed up to build upon such a Chassis, considering the times, ..(The Great Depression).

And many profited highly, ...only to lose their livelihood when the Independent Motors folded, in the early 60's.

GM's doing a Chrysler (inside Michigan joke), ...hope it works out. I'm going to be purchasing a car soon, but it certainly won't be a GM make(Oldsmobile is gone).

Toyota is my peffered choice,..sice thay are SO RELIABLE something GM HAS NEVER BEEN!!!

But GM always had the best styling, as far as I'm concerned, ..Too bad the Management was so FUCKED UP!!

GM Killed itself!!
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