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Sunday, November 16, 2008

And So It Goes ....

Originally I opened this blog because all my online (acquaintances) where opening blogs,...of which only mine survived 2 weeks.

I kept posting,'s my Diary,..or Diarrhea, depending on the reader.

I was raised as an Episcopalian, from my mother, who was raised the same way. I never appreciated the Anglican Religion, till all the Hoopla over Bishop Robinson's consecration started ...I really didn't see the problem.

In fact, I turned back to the Episcopal Church after Bishop Robinson was Consecrated, because I (thought) that the Church was Finally Getting with it ...Oh I'm so glad I was from Michigan...but at that time I lived in North Carolina,..and I hated it!! Those religious nuts from the South were spewing their HATE again I thought...and it was TRUE!!

After that, living in the South, I abandoned The Episcopal Church, while rooting for them, with my northern understanding of TEC.

I still don't trust Southern TEC parishes,..because the majority of them,..are FULL OF HATE,...always bringing up Conferderate BS,..The WAR has been over FOR OVER 100 YRS,..Get the FUCK OVER IT!!

But it seems the south is like the divorcee from HELL,...NEVER GETS OVER IT!!!

So FUCK the SOUTHERN Churches!!

I'll stay home and worship in my own way.
posted by David G. at 12:00 PM


David, they ALL aren´t like that...even in yesterdays Convention at Ft. Worth (truly a stronghold for last stand bigotry) there were about 8, strong 8, parishes and a whole group of well organized Episcopalians who will FIGHT ON for US and OUR right ¨to be¨ at ALL levels of Churchlife...I get pissed also when I read or hear the likes of thieving pontificators blaming their shame on many honorable Christians/Episcopalians they don´t thing I do know is that when I attended Mass at St. Lukes Cathedral in downtown Orlando a couple of years ago...they PREACHED difference and hate...the nave was tainted with the heavy feelings of those who would spew filth against fellow human beings...not a pretty sight but it was ALMOST funny because it was like attending Mass at a Mental Hospital rec room with stained glass windows and incense...these folks were almost jibbering while attempting to sound normal...the Canon priest who gave the homily kept rocking back and forth and shifting weight from one to the other...he really appeared that he needed to get to the toilet as he harranged about The Episcopal National Church and attributed Fox News as being a ¨moral authority¨ and general reference for his everyday immoral factoids.

Going to Church at St. Lukes was a grand experience on HOW NOT to lead my daily life (I told the preacher Canon that I thought he preached fear and hate as I shook his hand at the door on my way out...his smiley face faded and he said, well, ¨good¨)!

What a babbling Circus!

11/16/2008 1:21 PM  

I wanna try,..but,..with all the disappointment that I've already had to endure within these, Episcopal Churches in John Howe's Central Florida,....Yea,..Leonardo, ..The Same Place!!!

I'd be better off opening my Own Church and calling it The Northern Episcopal Church. win win!!

The Lotto..Change Change Change!!

11/16/2008 1:29 PM  

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