The Hearse Ride...

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I was on Ship of Fools, and I lost myself, Fully!!

Religion is becoming a HAVEN of mentally imbalanced persons!!

It seems that the job of the future, with GREAT income will be Psychoanalysts, or Psycho anything!!

Waaaay too many whack jobs out there, all because the states thought closing those Beautiful Estates in the Country, were better for these poor souls, who walk the streets now,....mumbling to themselves, homeless most of them,...deprived from their meds, because they cannot claim a perminant address.

I've always thought that, since the late 70's...WTF?????

And of course now, with 75% of those persons incarcerated, and more following them with the same and even more aggravated symptoms, ...One would think The Establishment would have learned something....B U T


What A ~D U M B~ FUCK!!!

Let me tell you, the patients my Grandmother cared for in the Lapeer State Home aka(Oakdale Center, Lapeer Mi), had much more sense than these imbeciles they keep pumping out onto the streets with no education, or life sense.
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