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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It seems only people from California are on the blog rolls, or people are neglecting other facts across the nation.

Arkansas passed a draconian law making it illegal for GLBT persons to adopt children.

Florida fucked around with their ongoing HATE for GLBT persons.

And then there is California's Prop.8, and unless you are an imbecile or locked in a padded cell you know mostly about the California situation.

Mind you, these and many more ominous things are an ongoing situation for many GLBT persons in all 50 States, plus Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

......Well, now that that is off my mind.

Continue as you were....(giggles)

Update:(1:15pm EST)

Well it seems there are going to be protests all over the U.S., we'll see just how important it is to the GLBT community. Of course I can't go, since the nearest City is O-Town(Orlando) which is 65 miles south of my present location. And the time,...too early for my lazy ass on my day off.
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