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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Growing Older

I have been lightly obsessed with certain things that have occurred in my life during the last 7 years, ever since Granny's first stroke. That is when life turned Topsy Turvy!!

It has since gone down hill,....lately, (11-08) at an accelerated rate (for the last 3 months). So, I have adjusted my sleep-style, which has always been Vampiric, #normal# for Granny, though lately, I can't keep up with her. I can't stay up enough days straight.. .. ..{without(street)assistance}, ..which is NOT my style,'s all I can usually do to sleep.

Now,... I'm so tired, and can't keep up with Granny's Crazy Mood swings,..she wants to call 911, when she can't sleep...(UM"HELL THE FUCKIN' O")!!! Life is on a Slim Wick,....and NOT a beeswax candle, but a lard burning Meltarama.

I Cannot Control Everything.....

Of course I cannot live by that.

It's all I can do to not go Wacko!!!
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