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Friday, November 09, 2007

Shep Pettibone

I've had a nagging interest in music for as far back as I can remember. I began my informal music education at age 4, on my Aunt's Parlor Grand piano. . . a Voss & Sons as I remember. It was like between the size of a concert grand and a baby grand. Back then it was kept tuned, but now it would open a few

I was quite the prodigy . . .as my folks would say, you were playing Bach at age 6 ...but they didn't bring into account their over supervision . . I soon tired of reading music and let my true musical talent show itself at age 10.

I did quite an impromptu Postlude at the church I attended at the time . . .subbing for the associate organist ...who will remain nameless

It was an improvisation on the (Thanksgiving) offertory hymn . . the title I cannot remember. I do remember it had the words A song of thanksgiving in it, but that could be many hymns . . .and since I can't type it out in staff, I don't see the point in recording my rendition of it.

Anyway .... I peaked a few heads that night . . . and soon became an associate organist.
I just liked being able to play the pipe organ, and quite a few times I played pop hits at the time, like Hall & Oats, Quincy Jones, The Brothers Johnson ....usually funk I loved low Disco/Funky music ....and the Electronic music from the late 70's early 80's was cool, though I remeber plenty of protests against synthesizers, ...and look where they are!!
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