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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oops ..

I kinda whacked out tonight, I get so emotional at times, I just break down and sob. I cannot control my emotions during those times. I must say that earlier in the day I was reading Meth stories from continuing addicts, and many recovering addicts, and it seemed to effect me more than I thought.

But then again, the cat I took time to name, "Jeffrey" was listless, and I thought he had somehow been injured by a vehicle. . .

But when I approached him he got up and "high tailed" it under the house ...out of reach. I'm really hoping he ate the wrong thing and it's a sour stomach, ...but as I was trying to coax him out from under the house I noticed a coiled snake right near my feet, not a rattler, but a big black snake...dead of course....

I feel bad, because they seem to love me so much, my kind heart makes me the Cat wo ..Man of the
Like the old Colombo Unfortunately I don't live on Knob Hill!!

Just a pauper...(if it wasn't for Granny I'd be homeless), who really doesn't care where he lives...although after living in a place waaaay past my usual 6 years was a challenge.

I'm on Terry's list,...I believe everyday is a learning experience , one I enjoy quite immensely...

(even though suicide may be my exclusive train of thought)

I can't say why I continue to live??

I have injured myself in ways I'd never post on the net. But DEEP down seems I really don't want to die.

Thankfully, I'm broke and cannot afford to find out why.
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Thank God for your life, David, for your faith in our Lord. Each one of us have a purpose, and are a gift.

God bless!

Becky (Grace from Jake's:))

I have figured out my blogger problems, but I still post as anon at Jake's and just sign my name. Force of habit, I guess. (laughing)

11/14/2007 8:38 PM  

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