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Friday, November 23, 2007

True Episcopalian

I shiver when I think of some Global South Mutha Fucka, taking over my religion!! I will not have it!!

To me the Anglican/Episcopal Church is my refuge. These churches in Florida are neither!!!!

I'm scared to visit churches here,..and I'm sure there are many others is the same situation.

The HATE you see here in these, ...So-Called Churches reminiscent of The Confederate South!!

I'm disgusted to be known this way.

But then I can't say what happens in these so-called churches, because I've never visited any of them. I wanted to go to Belleview's St. Ann's , but I saw they were on the HATE list and haven't ventured there.

I'm about to go on a priest hunt, and tell them all about me...and the true ones will deal with it, the ones who don't show up, aren't TRUE Christians, as far as I'm concerned.

Ya'll don't worry about me, I'm not planning to off myself anytime soon.
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Just keep focusing on Who you have posted here.

Peace and Love


11/23/2007 11:11 PM  

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