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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Meth Death!!

I've been disturbed lately by all the souls corrupted by Crystal Meth/Ice/Tina...., I know a few and I try with God's help to reach them. I cannot blame the addiction on the addict, can do!!

I blame the addiction on the dealer, and or manufacturer. Sometimes the manufacturer is the user and dealer. At that point they already know the risks, how it's made, and what it does to a person, Positive & Negative!! It's up to their own weak soul whether they subject it to others.

I know it sounds COLD, but I'm glad that Jeffrey escaped it's grasp by death. Though I do miss him, quite a lot. I just drug my self up so I can only feel certain things, otherwise it would be a trip to the psych ward for me.

I hate how I react to things, how certain things devastate me, when others are rejoicing. ..and visa versa!!

I force myself to comply with certain aspects of civilized society, ...but I still search for those left in it's wake!!
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