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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Where's The New Star Trek Voyager Movie?!?

I Miss The Star Trek Series!! I really do. I can't actually say I've watched any Network TV since Star Trek was discontinued, not like that is a bad thing.
I like CSI, and Law & Order, but the market is saturated with all the CSI, and Law & Order shows, so now what?!?

I really think Paramount, just wanted to retire, richly,....though I think they are just a bunch of old men looking to make money (period).

That's all and well for you old fogies!! but there many of us Die Hard Trekkies out there who have been waiting waaaaaay toooooo loooooong. . . . .. for a Voyager Movie, On The BIG SCREEN!!

Hey Bill Gates, how about spending some of that money, this . . . well it's just a thought.

I feel, the late 90's were the 1920's stock crash revisited, ...but I see much worse coming up from G.W. Bush's regime.

My Faith, has never been really tested. I will admit, that when my Mother was diagnosed with Cancer, waaaay back in 1986, I just couldn't fathom what would happen.
I've always had my faith in God.

I've never lost it.

Though I have been tested, many times . . .

My mind is reeling with cures, for Jeffrey's
I miss the fun that surrounded Jeffrey . . .

But, . . . I'm sure Jessica doesn't miss the home invasions, and theft that occurred during that time.
I'm Greatful for having met Jeffrey, and for God introducing us.
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