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Friday, November 23, 2007

Who's Crazy?!?

I used to think I was crazy, till I moved down to Florida, and everyone is crazy now!!
I'm slightly sane compared to them. In fact in a conversation, I always get everyones attention. I am a charismatic person, though I'm not one to trifle with, unless you want get the shit beat out of you.

I warn everyone ahead of time,...that way they can't take me to court

I see the so-called Global South as being the crazy ones now!!
Yet they still want their pensions...from TEC.

HELLo .......where the fuck are you from?!?

If I did what U did I would be fired, if not prosecuted. And you think you can do that to TEC and get away with it???

No Fucking Way!! Not in My Lifetime..any way!!

It is past time to throw these interlopers out....Hello Kathy, are you listening?!?

Maybe it's time for me to take a vacation to New York City, and remind Kathy just what is at stake.
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