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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I Have a friend who lives fairly close to me, like 1 neighborhood away. Unlike most of my other friends who are spread out all over Florida. Well anyway, she can become rather needy during unpredictable times. What I mean to say is that she has emotional problems, much more severe than myself. Unlike myself, she's sought out help, but she seems to rely on me for emotional support...for what reason I dunno. But she wouldn't be the first one and I'm sure she won't be the last.
Last night she calls me just past 2 AM, and I was on the PC as usual, and was ready to hit the sack. I saw on the Caller ID, that is was her, so I shut the ringer off and let the machine pick up. Well as usual that certainly wasn't good enough for her and she proceeded to call me 4 more times within a 20 min. period, never leaving a message of course. Then slightly before 2:30 am, she pulls into the driveway, and comes to the window closest to the desk and starts chatting....
{I must say I'm not very good at getting my point across to certain people, because I abhor getting bitchy when I'm burned out}
I acted very nonchalant, but she was on a mission, . . . . one she goes on from time to time, to drink up my booze!!
I tell her the door is unlocked....and as she goes around to it, I hide my pipe and smoke, because she's not getting any of that!!
She comes into the living room and starts with a story that she was out, and she can't seem to come down, and can she have a shot or two of my booze. I say it's okay, but only 2 shots, . . . and then I remind her how I got the time she drank all my booze up, and ask her if she would like a repeat of it?
She declines adamantly, and says two is fine.

I nearly had to fake illness to get her to I mean really!! She insisted that I go to her house and smoke a joint she had, but I really was tired, so I declined.

Just another day in the neighborhood.
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