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Monday, September 05, 2005

Flyin' High

Today I decided to drink some caffeinated coffee, I'm flyin' I also made New England Boiled Dinner, minus the vegetables. So basically it's just corned beef. I'm saving the broth to make soup later this month, so I decided to keep the vegetables till then. Besides I really don't need all that food afterall I live alone. I'll probably end up giving half the soup away to friends since I don't seem to know how to make just a little bit of anything, been a cook too long.
Sarah is climbing all over me, seems she sees my fingers moving on the keyboard and assumes it's time for a petting, at least she's not like some cat's I've seen trying to lie upon the keyboard. It's all I can do to keep her off my organ or piano. She thinks their her If I had a grand piano she'd probably be inside of it.
Tomarrow I'm going on the job trek again, hopefully I'll find a decent paying one this time, with all the new businesses opening up in this area. I really can't afford to bounce any more checks.
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