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Friday, September 16, 2005

The perils of ebay...

I really need to just get rid of my ebay account, it's soooo addictive to my personality. I started out just buying cd's to replace all the 12" ep's that were stolen from me years ago. I was suprised to find quite a bit of music that at one time had been dj only ep's, though they were now listed as dj only cd' At this point I think I've about replaced all of the Donna Summer (and then some) that I had in vinyl form. Then it was on to ep's that I some how missed that were on cd already, such as Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On , which I was able to find all the dance mixes on 1 import cd, that was still in it's original wrapper. That should have been enough for me.......but NOOOOOOOOOO!!
From there I went on to Electronics just browsing of course, till I found a Boombox I used to have and low and behold I of course had to bid on it. Well I really thought I was going to win it, up until the last minute when out of nowhere I was out bid, not leaving me enough time to rebid.....I was pissed!!
So then I decided to just bid all over the place, a little here, a little there. Not expecting to win anything and I didn't, got close a few times, but common sense took over when I realised that there was no point in paying $$$.$$ for something that was 30 yrs old and had never been serviced.
So I decided to spend some money on something I actually needed, a new cd changer. But as I shopped around on I saw dvd changers and thought to myself (dvd players play cd's), so I decided to just get both in one shot. So I found a very high rated (consumer reports) dvd changer from Panasonic and it was on sale also.....I couldn't have bought a cd changer & a dvd changer for such an outragously low price, so I went for it.
Then this afternoon I decided to check one of my email accounts and there was a notice that I had won an auction. The bid hadn't been all that much, but I was rather shocked, because the item an early 80's era Hitachi receiver & speakers was a long shot. Afterall this receiver was a high power one that actually worked, everything worked on it. The speakers weren't all that great but I was hoping for just the receiver anyway.

So now it's time to delete my ebay account before I go into bankruptcy...LOL!!
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