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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bored Again

Another boring night with little to do but surf the Tryed out Action Replay Max tonight, makes gamimg more fun, since I've about played out my games. Time to go buy some used ones. According the ARM instructions, I can play any game on my PS2 in disc form, I'll have to borrow a friends games and see, wouldn't want to waste $$ buying one then finding out it doesn't work.
Played the organ for 3 hours tonight, tryed out the organ flutes I downloaded from a friend. They sound awesome. Wish I hade a great room with 40ft. ceilings so I could have a real pipe organ instead of a digital one. Oh well sounds just as good, considering. I'm burned out on the Katrina news, I can only watch it for so long before I get pissed at our so-called Govt. G.W. is such a fuckhole!!
I should have hit the liquor store today, but I didn't, so it's the same old beer. Takes forever to get a buzz from beer, and I end up pissing 3/4 of the Maybe I'll hit a chatroom, probably not.
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