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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another Day....Another Funeral

Not much going on lately, at least I'm not overly depressed. I found a huge boombox on ebay, the same model I used to have, so of course I bid on it. Everything works on it, wouldn't have mattered if the cassette deck didn't work, as I'm quite sure I'd be able to fix it, afterall I can fix just about any electronic device. At this point it looks as if I'll be the winner, but one can never tell on ebay. I notice during the last few hours of an auction people show up out of nowhere, and bid above your limit...assholes. Though if I want something bad enough, I'll let it go till it's in the final minutes, then out bid the interlopers...LOL!!
I really wish it would start getting cooler down here, I have a shitload of yard work to do, and I'm not about to get heat stroke doing it. That's why I like hurricane season because it gets cooler and windier, making it almost nice to be outside. This year there was about 3 days of spring nice 70 degree temps, then it went into the 90's, and hasn't let up since. Last year there was no fall, it went from the 90's to the 60's in one fell swoop. Hopefully this year there will be at least 2 weeks of 70's to enjoy, before I have to go from A/C to heat. Sometimes I wish I still lived up in Michigan, but then winter hits, and I'm soooo glad to be in Florida. I just can't deal with cold temps, I remember a few years ago going to the cabin in Michigan, and it was June, and I was freezing. I had to light the woodstove because I had major chills. Brrrrr!! I had brought 1 pair of jeans with me, the rest shorts, because at that time it was in the mid to upper 90's down here. I'll remember next time I go up there before August to bring warmer clothing with me.
Time for a nap, since the phone woke me up after only 4 hours of sleep, and as usual the caller didn't leave a message. I made sure to turn the ringer waaaaay down, can't be too important if they are unwilling to leave a message. All my friends know I'm a call screener, since it's usually some idiot calling to sell something always at the most inopportune time, even after going on the Do Not Call list, assholes still call.
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