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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hurricane Central

So here we have Rita churning it's way into the Gulf of Mexico, ........what's next?
It's been raining on and off today as we receive Rita's outer bands here in Central Florida, I was patiently waiting for my DVD changer to arrive but it looks like it won't be coming much for 2 day delivery (waste of money). I might as well have used the free shipping option. I moved my single DVD player into the bedroom in preperation for the new changer, and I received the Logan's Run DVD I ordered sooooooo......
I guess I could watch it in the bedroom, but I'd rather watch it in the living room on the 50" tv, than watch it on a 19" tv, since the surround sound is in the living room, only stereo in the bedroom. I also received a CD I bought off of ebay, but it was not the CD I ordered, and I was pissed!!! It was Celine Dion, but it wasn't the 5 track dance mix that I thought I had bought, so I sent another email to the seller...(I'm getting rather angry with these cocksuckin' fuckers who describe one thing and send something completely different)...Then they say they are going to rectify the situation, and I never receive anything else. Well I still have the option of leaving negative feedback, and a nasty explaination, hopefully other buyers will Get The Message!!!
My vintage Hitachi receiver is on it's way, and hopefully so is the Polk 10" subwoofer I ordered....then I'm through with ebay, at least the buying part, I still have yet to receive a few orders....or it's money back time.
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