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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wasting Time As Usual

So where is Massa Bush? Wasting time as usual, while the people in New Orleans starve & dehydrate to death. And all he keeps doing is having press confrences obviously full of empty words. He's such an idiot!!
If anyone needs to be impeached, it's him. All he seems to care about is himself, and his precious vacations. Seems that's all he's been doing is taking a 5 year vacation, in between wasting money in Iraq.
If your income is below $10,000.00 a year you aren't worth helping. This creature just bursts my bubble!!
I really hope the voters remember how their Republican administration treated the people caught in the fury of Katrina, during the next elections,..I sure will!!
posted by David G. at 3:07 PM


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