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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stereo Madness...

The receiver and sub-woofer I bought on eBay finally arrived, actually the sub arrived last week, and boy can that thing pump out some bass. It's a Polk 10" powered sub, and you can feel the bass. The recever is an older one, much better than the newer digital ones I have, the sound is so clean, and the bass is more potent, even with the small speakers that came with it. I hooked it up to my keyboard, and I'm much more satisfied with the sound than the digital Technics had. It's a Hitachi SR-604, when I bought it I wasn't sure about the watts per channel, but I see it has 195 total watts, and they are clean watts. The Technics I had to turn up almost 1/3 of the dial to get the sound I get from the Hitachi at just #3 on it's dial, and the Technics is 100 watts per channel. I can also pick up weak FM stations with it I couldn't even find on the Technics. I'm quite satisfied for all I paid was $61.00 total, shipping included.
I left some negative feedback for a seller who never sent an item I had paid for, and he wanted the negative feedback removed.....HA!! We ended up in mediation, so I'm getting a refund...and the negative feedback will be removed, and just maybe I may also still get the item, which he said he'd already shipped, though I doubt it, afterall it was last month, and this month is nearly over with.
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Love the vintage stuff. With regard to determining watts per channel, the number on the back of the case is power consumption, not output. To estimate output, a take the amount consumed and divide it in half; this is the amount that runs the lights and is lost as heat, etc. The other half gets divided in half again, and this, (or less) is what goes to each of your speakers. So, 195 becomes 97.5 x 2, 97.5 becomes 48.75 x 2- thus your actual per channel output is probably 40-45 wpc, or less maximum. I'll still take 35 conservatively estimated 20-20khz watts over 100 crappy 1khz watts any day. Enjoy your vintage piece!

3/21/2009 5:14 AM  

I actually have that receiver and bought it new in April of 1980. The local shops were getting around $350 for it although I bought it online for around $240 (In 1980 dollars!) so it was a decent unit in its day.
It is rated at 35 watts RMS per channel from 20 to 20,000 hz with both channels driven at .05% THD. It is equipped with a class G amplifier that allows it to double its rated power for short bursts to 70 Watts per channel. My advice, leave it some room above for ventilation (Healthy sized amps generate some heat) and don't run 4 ohm speakers if you can avoid it.
It doesn't like pairs of speakers too much either. I have enjoyed mine quite a bit through the years and it does sound better on music than the Onkyo surround sound receiver I have hooked up to the Plasma TV. You should get years of enjoyment out of it! John in Niskayuna NY.

11/22/2009 12:46 PM  

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