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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Peripherals

I finally purchased a new multi-media keyboard(cheap but effective) since my old one was failing, too many ashes and drinks spilled on it, not to mention all the melted keys from wayward cigarettes and other burning matter.{I just can't imagine}
It's so quiet though, I'm used to hearing clicking when the keys are pressed, and major key Like my cap H didn't work on the old one, but it was the shift key, because the right side shift worked fine, but I usually use the left side so it became a pain to type out things, after I beat the shit out of the keyboard for not working.
Of course I won't discard the old keyboard, I'll have to disassemble it and try and fix it.....(such are people who are mechanically inclined)...seems I can't throw anything away, that might have another potential. But if it is dead, then I'll toss it, minus parts that still work.

I have closets full of used electronics in some form of repair or disrepair, all with the thought {I'll eventually fix them}. Well I did manage to fix the 6 late 70's receivers I had in storage, after 3 yrs of I still have 5 VCR's, 8 boom boxes, 3 tube receivers, 2 tv's, 4 sets of speakers, 3 cassette decks(2 Nakamichi's, 1 Yamaha), and 2 cd changers. Eventually I hope to get to them, or my house will become an electronics dump site. I have sold a few things that I'm willing to part with, such as the 3 Carver Amps, and Klipsch speakers I had when I was a DJ...ya know, the big $$$ items, which still fetch a premium price even used.

(**) As usual something is fucked up on blogger, and photo's won't upload.
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