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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hello Again!!

I know I'm on a rant this day,...since I'm nocturnal, I cannot post a it usually changes while I'm trying to post.

I checked out free media players, and found one I like, the only prob is trying to embed it into my blog. They had supposedly told me how to do it, but I still don't understand, and I suppose the developer of the software is inept on actually implementing it, unless it's his website.

So I guess I'll be trying a bunch of new software in the next 2 weeks,...if I'm not satisfied with the end product. I do have the knowledge to make my own media player, but I don't know how far HTML will go on . And I'm not all that sure, my old school computer skills are all that updated for TODAY.

So I'll be trying new things out, and I suppose, that it will be an HTML mess before I am done...LOL!!
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