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Friday, July 13, 2007

Introducing, My Great Niece .....Alexandria

Oh my goodness, a Great Uncle already, and I'm only 43...Yikes!!

I'm so over this church bullshit, so I thought I'd post something different.
My Great niece was born in I believe February, but of course, I could be I'm not a big fan of children, it's fine if they are someone else's children, but PLEASE...don't ask me to babysit, because you will be soooooo disappointed when you get home and their diaper is still on them, and dirrrty...(Vomit time)

I don't mind being around babies, as long as I don't have to change their diaper...nope. NO WAY!!! Taking care of Granny is bad enough. At least she can control her bowels, somewhat....and if she has problems, I told it's her responsibility to clean up any mess she may makes, because I just don't have the stomach for it. Cleaning the litter box makes me gag...(Thank God for automatic litter boxes).

There was a time when I loved to be around children, that was before certain people questioned a gay man taking care of children,...I'm serious!!

Even last month at Jeff's funeral, his Dad, said to my friend Jessica, he thought I was an awesome guy, but not to leave me alone with the kids...WTF?!?
Same old prejudices I'm a molester, because I'm Gay.....If it hadn't been a funeral, I would have told him to FUCK OFF!! But I kept my anger to myself, because I know better than that.

I'm sure Jeff's father would have freaked had he known Jeff and I had been very intimate....I wonder what he thought of my sorrow, if he even questioned why I was so upset. But then again Jeff was a very loving person, so I'm sure his Dad thought it was that.

I'm just about over these prejudicial references to Gay males being molesters, pedophiles, into bestiality, and all sorts of fornication. When in reality most people of this irk are HETEROSEXUALS!! The Blind leading the blind....

But I suppose had I been Black in the 1950's I would have heard the same thing.....
It seems people just like a scapegoat for anything they can't believe ....Because people they know couldn't possibly be THAT way ...Oh No....

Tell that to the thousands of Roman Catholic boys & girls molested in the name of God, by the Roman Catholic clergy over 50 years!!!(Nuns & Priests)

It's about time people take responsibility for who actually does the molesting, instead of projecting it upon others. The so-called christian right/WRONG, is the main perpetrator of such falsehoods and they will pay for it in the after life, it's just too bad they are so mentally ill now, that they just can't accept who the true enemy is.

God knows....>
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