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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Riding on a Depressive Wave

I'm riding on a wave of depression now, I'm trying not to slip back where I was 2 years ago....I don't ever want to go that far down again!!
I usually get up early, like 9 am, though I don't venture out of my room till about 11 am....because Granny is always nagging me in the A.M. and lately I can't deal with her BS!!
Last week I planned to make baked macaroni & cheese, but I slipped downhill all week, and now perhaps I'll make it tonight....if I get the kitchen in order before I run out of steam, which sounds like it won't get made till Sunday.... at this rate.

And the worst part about it is Jeffrey's Aunt seems to be ignoring me lately.... Maybe that's her way to deal with what has happened, but it is depressing me much further. I need a good cry, but it's not on the horizon.


posted by David G. at 5:09 AM


Yes, do do need a good cry. Let it happen. Find time. Find a place. But do not keep it bottled up.


6/16/2007 5:36 PM  

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