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Friday, June 22, 2007

His Loving Light

Recently I posted this on a blogsphere I belong to.....I was in pure sorrow for a friend I had recently lost in an auto accident. I was devastated...I cannot express the sorrow I felt on this blog.

I tried to tap into those who were there,......And I was POSSESSED literally!!

(I'm carried by His light...It makes me feel oh so free. He has deep feelings for you. You do not know, but He's always been with you...

I don't claim to be a Devout Episcopalian,...which is one of the good things about being Episcopalian. You can be close to Agnostic or you can be an almost devout Catholic, and it doesn't matter. You still carry the Faith of God, the Father Almighty, and his Son Jesus Christ. And both thee in one, The Holy Ghost.

Lately I've gone through, what I thought was the worst heartbreak in my life..... But it is not, there are worse things in this world. Just look at world governments!!

I'm more worried about those left behind.
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