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Saturday, April 28, 2007

TROLL's ! ! !

I've just about had it with certain, mental institutional types.....referred to on line as Trolls!! These mental patients are a product of the 70's De-institutionalization program. Now they have become the scourge of the Nation. They should be lumped together with sexual preditors...afterall, as a byproduct of De-institutionalization. Now we are spending ten times as much to keep them in Prison, when they belong in a Psych/Medical Institution...and they are certainly not getting any better in prison, ..what with all the rampant rape, and sexual assaults that are everyday occurances in Prison.
Instead of saving funds, this Nation is spending much more $$$$ and resources , by not treating these mentally deficient people..and instead warehousing them in the environment that makes them much more dangerous...Prison.
And those not currently in prison are out on the streets dysfunctional as usual, because without a perminant address, they have no way to accure the medication so vital to their very existence in the world without being deemed Mentally Deficient.
Being conservative is NO EXCUSE!!
posted by David G. at 3:48 AM


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