The Hearse Ride...

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Real Hearse Ride

Recently, someone I cared a lot about, Jeffrey, was killed in an auto accident. I thought it didn't matter, after all he did love to party hard ......but then I also like to party hard... so I guess I'm not much better. . . in those eyes!!
But it's the eyes that see beyond drugs & alcohol, and see the light that shines in a person that matters. I happen to be one of those people with the ability, or is it hope, that there is much more there than seen with the eye. And I will go out of my way to find the true person hidden behind drugs & alcohol. That's just me......that's the way I've always been,.........I blame it on being a But there is no blame in loving you're brother....or sister, as I believe we are all related in God's eyes. I have great empathy for my fellow man, which is sometimes a nuisance...because it can consume me........but I just try to go with my heart most of the time .
I'll miss Jeffrey...he touched my heart when I first met him, some years ago at a shared Thanksgiving dinner. Since then I've thought about him on and off when I would see him in the neighborhood, then last year I reconnected with his Aunt...and I became concerned with his behavior...and had plans to put it in check,.......but then he was killed. So now I'll just grieve with his friends and family...and remember the good times when he touched all our lives.

We'll miss you Jeffrey.... But I'm sure your spirit will be there to comfort our sorrows.
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