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Friday, June 22, 2007

Limiting God

I've often thought that I was a freak....because of my extra sensory perception. I'm not though.
I learned that I am a gift from God to others, whether they want to believe it or not. And I've learned to use my gift for the good, because I'm sure there are those that use the same gifts for other purposes other than why they were gifted with it.
I can't stop people from using what is a gift for evil purposes, but I don't have to put up with it either.
And I won't!!

So if someone reading this blog sees me go off on another person, you can be well assured, I believe I'm in the right, from what I know about the person.
I hate confrontation, but I'm not afraid to confront someone who is God's eyes.....I guess it's hard to say that I'm right when it's about someone no one has seen, but if you have Faith, you have seen God many times and will never forget who he/she is.

And you will never question his ways. But, it seems there are many trying to say what he meant, by re-evaluating the Bible...

The Bible was written by man, for man.

I'm assuming, (since I don't know) that these people trying to limit God, have all about lost their Faith in God. There could be many reasons for it, sadly they think God is a being of limits. I've never felt that way,...but sadly certain people do, and they will limit his power (which they can' what they imagine is his limit, is there is such a thing to the Holy Father. (he was the inventor of lies, and truth)

Somewhere along the lines, someone thought they were cheated by God, and as such...we are in this predicament. The truth shall prevail...
Eventually ++Peter will have to answer for his mania. Only he and God will know his answer.

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