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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

-Akinola The Idiot!!!

You know when I post twice in one day somthing is up.......So-called Arch Bishop Akinola is pressuring ABoCB Rowan Williams about the circumstances in the Episcopal church. Frankly it's none of his fuckin' business ...oh but I guess he doesn't see it that way....too fuckin' bad!!
Rowan needs to depose this hateful mutha fucka before it's too late!! He's Outta Control!! He's bringing down the Anglican Communion..literally!

One doesn't have to worry about the USA in this conflict,....-Akinola is ruining it his own damned self!! I wonder though where -Akinola will get the funds to keep his churches going?!? Not from us!! He fucked that up royally!! The Episcopal church will not fund a hateful tyrant, me!! When he's selling his purple shirt at the pawnshop,...they'll give him $2.00 for it as if it's worth that much.

He really needs mental health councelling!!!

(and I thought I was a
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