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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Profoundly Sad

I read Bishop Robinson's latest post on his Lambeth Blog, Anger, Love and Emily in Putney and it made me cry.

I feel all of the things he described about life, the world and more. And it always makes me sad.

The Anglican Communion(as such) can be a sad place indeed.
posted by David G. at 4:16 AM


David, I can't quite figure it out...I'm a friendly, most would say happy (including me), lifebrimming sorta fellow and YOU had the proper sensitive emotional response to +Robinsons, I was furious, I wanted to go to St. Mary's Putney and yank that dirtyhaired dude out of the pew and dropkick him on to the street...I know, I'm angry...but more than angry, I'm over-the-top with being tolerant of intolerant people who annoy the fu*k out of me...thanks for letting me share, I love your's beautiful and so are you.


7/16/2008 8:14 PM  

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