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Monday, July 14, 2008

Remixing Tunes

With Jake's being closed and nothing to do, I've started sifting through my vast amount of music, removing unused music, and replacing it with new tunes. I have also started to separate a few mega mixes I have, restoring them to single tracks, so I can do as I please with the music.

But as usual my CD burner is acting up, they will just be digital files on a PC.

(7-15-08) 3:12 am ~ ~ ~ Adult ADD

I started to decompile a mega mix and while searching for a reference of discography, I switched channels, and started searching for another song, I had long dismissed.
I found and downloaded it!!

OOOoooh I was so relieved, ...(and it's weird, I felt so relaxed after it) ...especially after listening to it a couple times.

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