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Sunday, July 29, 2007

To Whom It May Concern...

I know I have problems, I never said I didn't!!

But Ya, know.....I'm not gonna post on Father Jakes, any more....

I'm sorry I don't conform to your idea of normal. But considering my family, I think I'm doin' pretty good!!

I like to drink, I don't do it often, since I do have responsibilities, but when I do do it, I'm usually in a situation where I've decided to stay home because a DUI is not my cup of tea.

I have some alcoholic friends, whom I've learned quite a lot from. I used to think I was an alcoholic, but after the people I've met here in Florida,...I'm below normal. I guess it's up to ones perception.

I know alcoholism runs in my family. My Mother's mother was an alcoholic, and my Father's father was an alcoholic.

Beyond those people, in my family I know nothing, and frankly I don't give a shit!!

My Sister loves her beer, and I'm sure she loves her booze too.....much like my brother.

I like to get moderately wasted, {bad things happen when U are totally wasted..(sometimes).}

But lately, since Jeffrey's death, things have totally changed. Jessica has been in the breakdown mode several times. I'm just hanging on...or so I say. I mean normally I would just grieve alone, but that wasn't Jeffrey's style. He sought out those who would hide in society, and befriended them...I..was the same way,

I Miss Jeffrey, sooooo much, I can't even compose it...(not at this time)...

Now I'm stuck!!

Stuck in Drive . . . I feel Jeffrey's energy all around, And I see the effects of his death on his family.

I dunno if his family concurs, but Jeffrey was a Free Spirit that could never be captured. He tried, and I saw it in the weeks preceding his death. But eventually his Free Spirit overtook his life.

He Knows He's not Forgotten!!

oops I posted again. . . .>
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