The Hearse Ride...

Saturday, August 08, 2009


I just about passed out earlier, ... either smoking, or drinking too much... but then it's Friday, WTF!!
I took a short walk around the neighborhood and met this cute guy ... What can I say?!?
Anyway, ..he's quite the talented organist, ...I'd rate him up there with Cameron,..but he's bi-polar... and well if you've been around people like that you know how it is!!

He's still playing the organ, ... he seemed rather enthused that I asked him to play, though I notice him ogle the I told him I lost the key, 3 years ago, but I had a digital piano,..he seemed upset,..Oh well!!

He's sure giving the Pioneer speakers I use for extension speakers a work out, but they can handle it!!
posted by David G. at 3:05 AM


Does this mean you got ¨lucky¨ and hit the high notes?

8/08/2009 9:58 AM  

I'm not telling!

8/08/2009 8:33 PM  

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