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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Granny's in a Home

Finally got Granny place in an assisted living home on Saturday afternoon. We'll see how it works out, not good as far as I'm concerned, considering she's paying $1800.00 a month ... Yet the home expects me to take her to Dr.'s appointments?!?


They better give me gas money!!
posted by David G. at 8:22 AM


Dear David,

Don´t they have a ¨pick up¨ for this sort of Dad, at 95-96 age, lived in one too...he loved it and made friends (he always made friends). Anyway, they had a ¨service¨ pick up elderly for Doctors visits (near the end he needed a wheelchair) and my sister met him at the Doctors office...the service then reclaimed him after the Doctors secretary said he was ready...once, when I was visiting family I ¨met him¨ at the doctors was a great service but may be only available in California...anyway telephone your local ¨United Way¨ and ask about possibilities.

Now your life changes, I wonder where you will take it?

Best to you,


7/26/2009 9:56 AM  

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