The Hearse Ride...

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yea ... that's right Leonardo!! Listening to the local club mix on the radio, on it seems one of my BEST receivers, ..a 1970's Technics, one of those aluminum faced beauties, of 55 Old School watts per channel,..I can't crank it past "3", without risking the cops, or breaking a window!!

Well now that Granny isn't here, I can make as much noise as I want,..or it can be as quite as a chapel, which it usually is, ..sad I know!!
posted by David G. at 12:53 AM


Honey, you be careful...I´m not in charge of your well being, and I always drank GALLONS for fun (at least until I was 35 and then I discovered I fun was different than I thought it was...I could FEEL IT) so, I´m in no position to critique anyone elses behavior (I was so wild).

Love to you, easy does it and SAFE SEX!


8/22/2009 3:09 PM  

Gallons? Um, .. I can barely handle 6 shots.

Sex, ... What's that?!?

8/23/2009 12:42 PM  

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