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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve . . . . Partay!!

Tonight is New Years Eve, and I hope everyone has a good, safe night, and Happy New Year!!
And if you are going out, be extra safe on the roads, and please DON'T Drink and Drive.

I'm just going to smoke/drink and walk... since I'm doing the neighborhood party
posted by David G. at 8:30 AM


We'll expect some excellent photographs with night-vision technology. Blessed new year to you, too, David. Your fundamental sanity is showing.


12/30/2008 9:00 PM  

¨fundamental sanity¨...hysterically funny. Is it contagious? I hope it doesn´t strike down my way...HAPPY NEW YEAR (I´m having a dinner party and then we´re all going to a neighbors rooftop for postres and fireworks)!

12/30/2008 9:28 PM  

I hope not, I don't want to be known as Fundi-anything, ..since thats the SIN of the Century!!

12/31/2008 9:44 AM  

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