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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

River Rouge, Michigan

River Rouge was the site of the Largest Automobile Production Plant in the Nation. Ford Motor Corporation...Otherwise known as Henry Ford, (at that time) ...even had his Estate built on the River Rouge.

His Estate was called Fairlane.
It's a beautiful Craftsman style mansion in the Detroit area,....presently belonging to Wayne State University.

Search all of this,..there are sooo many stories belonging to Detroit especially, ...and the Auto Industry specifically.

General Motors (Executives) especially,..where against the Unions,.... and as we can see today 12-22-08, .....they ran themselves into the ground.

Some unscrupulous people blame the Unions,...but they need not look so far as their own neighbors . . .

Like corporations are here to serve the people!! It's all about PROFITS!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!
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