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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Lapeer State Home

My Grandmother the one I bitch about all the time was a Beautician at The Lapeer State Home, I used to hang out there as a kid....the patients where my baby sitters ...Come On' .

Yea,.... it was a WASTE OF STATE MONEY But tuned to the times!!

I find it strange that there are "NO PICTURES OF THE PLACE" ...anywhere on the net.

I've found 2, .above ^.

Kinda strange since there where many buildings belonging to the State of Michigan.

That where HISTORIC, ..and demolished!!


To Cover up CRIMES, against PATIENTS? ! ?

I wouldn't bet a plugged nickle!!

I bet MANY were ABUSED in the name of science, for what we now know as fact, from normal personal relationships!!

Lapeer was a Massive COVER-UP!!

Hidden (they thought) beneath rubble!!

As if memories fade that easily!!
posted by David G. at 7:07 AM


My folks used to go and pick up workers to come home for the day. I remember being shocked at seeing my first black person. Lapeer was quite white at the time.

3/09/2011 2:22 PM  

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