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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Body Snatcher Returns

I keep contemplating writing about my sorted past. I have usually been a loner, except when I lived in Bay City MI. I was quite the Busy Bee, . . . usually because I was transporting someone somewhere. (I've always had transportation)

I've had a few Run~In's with the Law in my life. One that changed it, maybe not for the better.

I Googled my past, but found nothing.

Which is good, other than the fact that I'd like to be remembered for something. . . (good or bad)

Maybe I shouldn't bring up the past....

But I

Not now, though.... but soon.

I wonder what my sister has or hasn't told my niece about my early criminal activity?!? (giggles)

Not a problem, ..I'll explain it, and she can ask questions later.
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