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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Old Dog ....New Cats!!

I don't like dogs. I grew up with them, only because my mother wouldn't let us have a cat. But when I moved out and had my own place, the first thing I did after setting up house, was go to the pound, and save a Cat.

He was a BIG black long haired Persian, I named Lucifer. He was a good cat, for a while, but there were neighbors who spoiled him,....(he ran away).

I wish I could say the same for my existing brood, 8 cats, 4 long hairs and 4 short hairs all in the same family. They try to breed, they always abort, or neglect to death their litters.

So I have 4 elderly cats,..mostly male , 1 female...the best mother out of them all....(actually Great Granny to them). She's very friendly,...obviously, from the amount of kittens I've had to get rid of (26) ...that lived. . .but her kin, ...Mongoloids in real life.... are inept, but friendly inbred mongrels.

Sounds like the Nazi Party describing the Jews.

Check it out!!

You'll learn things you never though people would sink to.
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